Tecumseh or Adrian, Michigan

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrorebel, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. fibrorebel

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    Hi all-
    Just wondering if anyone out there knows of any support groups in this area and/or good doc's with a reasonable
    clue as to what Fibromyalgia is and is brave enough to
    attempt to treat patients w/FM? Thanks to all that may have info, I appreciate you!
    love, Rebel
  2. EllenComstock

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    Wow! I can't believe that someone from my hometown (Adrian, MI) posted on here! Where exactly do you live-Adrian or Tecumseh? I now work in Adrian, but live with my husband in Tecumseh. Yes, there is a support group in Tecumseh. We meet the last Monday of every month from 5:30-6:30 at the Carter Rehabilitation Center,109 Herrick Park Drive, Tecumseh. Their phone number is 423-7722. There are two women-Amy and Sally-who alternate the months they run the group. This group is also open to people with arthritis and CFS. Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend, also. I've only been in the group for about six months, but it has grown since I started.

    Every month there are different topics. Last month Amy brought in a magazine for each of us from a company that sells products for people who have difficulty doing things. For example, they sell foam tubing to put over items like pens, which makes it easier to write. I think for the next month we are having a guest speaker who does accupuncture. Should be interesting.

    As for doctors, I see Dr. Barbour in Monroe. He is very familiar with FM and I have had no trouble getting pain meds from him. I was going there twice a week for massage therapy, which felt good at the time, but not long afterward I was just as stiff and in pain as ever. The therapists there did give me ideas to make things easier, like sleeping with a pillow between my legs at night which has helped with morning stiffness. They also showed me different stretching exercises which I do twice a day. His phone number is (734) 241-0560. Just be prepared to wait a long time in the waiting room. Sometimes I have had to wait over an hour. When you do see him, though, he does listen and seems very interested and sympathetic to his patients.

    Hope to see you at the April support group meeting!

    Ellen Comstock
  3. jackiec

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    I live in Dundee....about 15 minutes from Tecumseh, where we OFTEN shop. Ellen, I've heard a lot of good things about Dr. Barbour. He's not in my insurance plan, though I finally found a great doctor in the Saline area (CFS is my worst area, FM not so bad). Thanks for the tips on the support group---the closest good one I found was in Livonia.
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    This is really pretty astonishing considering how many of us are on this board and to find both of you so close!
    I am so thankful that you both spotted my post. Yes I will most definitely try to go to the meeting. I have been diagnosed for years but just now have gotten to the point of agressively searching for better treatment.

    I was just in Dundee the other day! I live in Tipton
    right on Tipton Hwy. Will also check out the doc you mentioned, is he accepting new patients? Is he a specialist
    and what is his title? This is just so great that we are all 3 so close!

    I've heard others say that we can't give out our web address
    so I guess I will just say if you are either one interested
    in more chat you could get my e-mail off of my profile.
    Thanks Again for the info!
    love Rebel
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    Hello again, Rebel!

    My doctor was suggested to me by another great friend I met at this board. I'll e-mail you with the info.

    Jackie C
  6. jackiec

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    Tried to send you an e-mail about my doctor, but it came back as "no such address". If you contact me, I'll be glad to send the note on again.

    JackieC at: jackieclagg@hotmail.com