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    Good evening to you tedebear,

    Many years ago I was to be involved with a study on the
    "new" fungus called "candida". My own family doc had never
    even heard of it, or Nystatin, which is a med used for it.
    To make a long story short, I had to travel a good
    distance away for my first visit. The doctor had just written a book on the subject, which he proudly signed for
    me that day. Back on the subject. To say the least I fit
    every protical but one, I was allergic to the placebo they
    were going to use. He was such a sweet and gentle man. He
    told me with affirmity, that he could make me feel better,
    and he explained exactly what I had.

    I was so relieved to find out that I was not crazy, or
    all the other symptoms you mentioned in your other post
    could be somehow "fixed"

    He wanted me to become his patient, he knew by the way
    I looked that I was whiped out.
    Well, soon after, my mother fell ill, and I had 2 small
    children, and couldn't drive the distance, it all fell
    apart. But, I still have his book and I refer to it often.

    I guess what my question is for you; What do you do
    to rid yourself of the candida overgrowth in you system?
    I forgot to add that I told the research doc, I'd never had
    a vaginal yeast infection. He said that was quite common.
    But, for the life of me, I can't remember the reason he told me. This was over 15 yrs ago in 1987.

    I know there are meds, but, some people do other things,
    such as diet, fast, ect.

    I think that the "Candida Issue" is coming to the
    for-front now with good reason. I know that many cancer
    pt's have to deal with thrush, and so forth from the cancer
    killing agents attacking their immune system. So it does
    seem to work against our immune system if it's sucking all
    our nutrients from us. I guess I'm just thinking out loud.

    I look forward to seeing more of your findings on the
    subject and if you get a chance you should read the book,

    The book is self published, but, you may be able to find it
    in your library. Or you can E-mail me and I'll give you
    the last known address I have, he is from Birmingham AL.

    Best Wishes,
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    Seems you are as concerned with the issue as I.
    Thanks for the additional info.
    Much of my research on the matter has come from searching the internet.
    I am going to ask my GP about it next visit.
    Thanks for the help.
    Soft teddy hugs.
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    Please visit our Candida Message Board, by clicking on "message boards" ABOVE. Also, a new wonderful book on the subject is "The Yeast Connection" by Wm. Crook.
    Many Dr.s today don't believe in Candidiasis, but some do and prescribe the anti-fungal medicines, or there are Herbs that are supposed to knock it out of your system...you can also check out the org on the web called curezone,and they give a lot of info. I have found that a new diet is in order: no sugar,or yeast,fruit,low carb., avoid cheese,alcohol, baked goods, no chocolate,dried fruit,all grains with glutin(wheat,rhy,oats,barley,), no honey,potatoes,tomatoes,pineaple or citris.etc,etc!!
    It sounds restricting! and indeed it is, but there is still a lot we CAN eat! Please visit the Candida Message Board and check out a few posts...
    I hope this helps....
    God Bless!
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    Yes I am interested in the "Yeast Connection" I think
    Dr Crook's book became so popluar because he had it published by a publisher. I think the book I was refering
    to was self published. Who knows. They are both good.

    I have some recipes for bread. I'll be looking for others.

    It's also wise to remember (nitrates) these are in proceced
    sandwhich meat, bacon, ect.

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    I am new to this site. Thought you might like to know I used Dr Truss a few years ago mainly for chronic urticaria but unfortunately the treatments really didn't help any of
    my problems very much.
    Janice in Al