TeeJKay and SweetT chat fiasco

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monkeykat, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Hi Teejkay & SweetT,

    hey teejkay - Okay, now I feel better. I still feel so stupid that we all messed that up. i feel so bad that you were there 3 hours later than we were.

    I'm not sure what your life is like so how about if you let us know when you want to meet? When it's 10am here in NE Ohio it's 7am in California, right??? So I'm not sure what a good time in the day is for you but I'm guessing early morning is not good.

    I'm available all the time except for doctor's appts or days I end up bedridden.

    Take care and I hope the rest of your day went okay:)
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    "I'm available all the time except for doctor's appts or days I end up bedridden." ~MK

    Me too, except for my funky sleep schedule.

    For instance, I'm up early mornings this week. Here's my schedule:
    This week: awake 2AM to 5PM (getting a little later every day for both time periods)

    Next week or there abouts, awake: 6AM to 9PM getting a little later every day for both time periods)

    and so on, until a month from now I'll be back to the first hours written down.

    Confused? That's ok. It's this dang dd. I end up sleeping days for about 2 weeks every month and nights for the other 2 but my circadian rhythm cycles all the way around the clock a few hours later every few days. I've tried everything to stabilize my sleeping hours but to no avail. All I can do is just go along for the ride. Bsasically, I'm on a swing shift.

    So 7AM is great for me for a while right now which is 10AM your time.
    If that's good for you, let me know. I can meet you both tomorrow if you'd like. That would be 10AM your time, SAT June 30. If that doesn't work, just let me know.


  3. monkeykat

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    hi teejkay,

    Wow! your circadian rhythm is really off but also exact. My sleep and whole system is completely unpredictable.

    Yes, 7am YOUR TIME and 10am MY time tomorrow - SAT, JUNE 30th would be great -- live chat -- chronic fatigue.

    I will be there! I never know when I'm going to be feeling really bad. I was able to chat with SweetT for about on hour the other day but I got completely wiped out and had to lay down for a few hours afterward. today I'm feeling really sick and awful as I write. Who knows maybe I'll feel good tomorrow morning. Ugh! too much unpredictability.

    Well, I'm glad we could set something up quickly and again I'm so sorry about Weds.

    Keep Hope Alive, Monkeykat

  4. jasminetee

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    us too. I know what you mean about unpredictability. I'm the same way. I may get on and not be able to stay or might not get on right at 7 or miss it altogether-but most likely I'll be there and be able to chat at least a bit.

    I assume it's the same for all pwcs. My sleep schedule is somewhat predictable but totally crazy and can get thrown off if say, I feel an earthquake or there's too much noise when I'm sleeping. Everything else is completely unpredictable except I'm almost always sure to be flat on my back and bedridden. I type on a laptop on my stomach.

    Sigh,unpredictability is the nature of this dd. So we'll shoot for tomorrow morning. It's the best we can do.

  5. monkeykat

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    hi teejkay,
    I've posted 3 sticky notes around for myself to remember tomorrow. LOL. I'll have to say a prayer tonight and ask God to help me remember to look at my sticky notes:) I told my husband to call me from work to remind me as well. I can be set on doing something in 10 minutes and forget that I was going to do it...ugh!!!

    Great! I'm so glad you have the same issues. I'm such a committed person. If I say I'm going to do something than come hell or high water, I do it. however, with this illness, I'm such an idiot at times.

    My sleep schedule has gotten better with the use of herbs, eye mask, ear plugs, white noise and tons of other precautions I follow to help me stay asleep at night.

    Yes, I completely agree when you say, "Everything else is completely unpredictable except I'm almost always sure to be flat on my back and bedridden."

    I often type on a laptop on my stomach as well.

    See ya in the am!!! Remember 7am for you! I'll remember my time and I won't confuse you with it:)

  6. jasminetee

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