Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockgor, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here's the laugh du jour.

    Can't get any Reply buttons. Can't even click on "Immune Support". It's just not there.

    What canya do?

  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I get the reply button,but have been having alot of werid things happen when trying to log on. also screen will flip to diff sizes.

    been wondering what the heck is going on as moderators seem to have disappeared.
    other people have probs to with reply button etc and have reported it no success.
    go figure[This Message was Edited on 04/16/2009]
  3. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    How odd. I haven't had problems lately. My hubby says it's probably a formatting problem here at Pro Health. So some things are broken and others aren't and it "acts up" at times. He also said:
    "they may not be starting from the same "base url" that you are
    ie the one u have bookmarked may be different than theirs
    and/or they have javascript or other scripting disabled in their browsers for security reasons
    or are using an older non-supported browser."

    I hope something can be done to fix it for you.


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