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    hi tee. i found another link..please read the 6th post down re: famvir:


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    I don't think you're supposed to post other forums here so you might want to Delete that. I'd hate to see you get in trouble.

    I went to this website yesterday after you told me about it. I was looking for info on people taking Valtrex to get better and I basically saw there that many didn't or got worse on it and I'm not sure if those who did say they felt better on it are better from it or their ME just waned at that time.

    I'm not going to put anything else into my body to try to combat this at this time. I'm very sensitive to everything and I have to be extremely careful. I'm still dealing with the bad residuals from Valcyte.

    Researchers are now saying that they've discovered more gene types than they had known about and they say they did not design meds or vaccines for other types. I know I'm that type that has the bad side-effects to everything.

    Thanks for thinking of me though and I feel like I've gotten enough info on Valtrex now.

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