Teeth Grinding and teeth guards

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mumsiej, May 26, 2003.

  1. mumsiej

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    I have just chipped my second tooth from grinding my teeth while sleeping. Also I have awaken in the middle of the night with my teeth clenched--I assume it is due to the pain.

    Does anyone have this problem and how do they deal with it.? I have heard of teeth guards that you can wear while sleeping. Would like to hear from others who have used the teeth guards.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. AnnG

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    My dentist swears by night guards for prolonging teeth health. I have one made of soft "plastic"?. I run it under hot water and it gets pliable and then fits over my upper teeth. It is really quite small and not too uncomfortable. I am lazy about wearing it though. Mine was covered by insurance but be sure and check first because some insurances don't pay and they can be quite expensive! If your ins. does pay, its worth trying!
  3. Applyn59

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    I have TMJ and bought a mouth type thing from
    a medical catalog. It basically is like a piece
    of rubbery plastic and wraps around my upper
    teeth and has two pads on the sides that go
    between the top and bottom teeth. I wore it
    once and it helped immensely. The reason
    I don't wear it more often is because I gag very
    easily. I am very easily nauseated and gag
    a lot and wearing this seems to make me want
    to gag. WHich is really too bad because other
    than that, I love it.

    I notice that I seem to clench my mouth alot.
    When I am sleeping, I sometimes notice that my face
    is all constricted and I have t remind myself to
    relax! I don't know why I do that.

    Sometimes I just put one of my fingers in my
    mouth and press lightly for a while. My mother
    had a tooth guard from the dentist and didn't
    like it. I think my apparatus is much more
    comfy. It was about $50.

    Good luck.
  4. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I actually wore through a mouth guard! It cost a fortune from the dentist.
    Have since found out you can buy your own from suppliers on the net.

    I don`t seem to be doing it so much these days, I wonder if it`s a stress thing, as I am feeling much better recently.

  5. mitch123

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    A very expensive habit. Are you taking medication? I took effexor and I was grinding away.
    Maybe if you took some relaxing herbs before you went to bed; might help? or some relaxing medication before bed?
    I found I couldn't sleep with a mouth guard.
  6. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    I had a custom made splint ($650cdn) made of hard plastic which I bit two holes through, grinding while sleeping. I also cracked two teeth. I'm not sure I want to put out more $$ for a replacement, but the splint helps stablize the jaw. If you do not have a TMJ problem, a mouth guard for sleep may do the trick.

  7. ZosoLight

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    Hi Mumsie,

    Don't be discouraged if you don't find a comfortable nightguard right away. There are many different kinds. I had one made by my dentist that was very comfortable and I wore it for several years. The next one was also made by a different dentist but it was terrible and I couldn't wear it at all.. The prices were 100 to 200 dollars. (my insurance didn't cover it) I also tried an over-the-counter soft guard that worked ok for a month or two before wearing out. it cost $20.

    Good luck,

    Mrs. Zoso
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  8. klutzo

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    Are you taking SSRI's or other antidepressants by any chance? They can make this symptom a LOT worse.
    Drugs like Klonopin or Xanax can help a lot with this as it is a symptom of brain arousal during sleep, so sedatives help to calm it down. Bruxism can also cause you to wake up with severe neck pain that develops into killer headaches.
    Also, if you have DDD in the cervical spine, or had a neck injury as your FMS trigger, physical therapy and/or cranial-sacral therapy can help a lot.
    I wore a hard TMJ splint for years until physical therapy readjusted my neck so that I no longer need the splint at all.
  9. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I didn't grind my teeth at night but had similar jaw problems through another reason.

    I was given a soft guard, made by my dentist, to open up the jaw a bit. I too gagged with it, to start with that was awful, but I bore with it. I actually had to wear mine day and night to start with, only removing it to eat. The results were amazing. It is now just a fleeting problem, use my guard for a short time and that's it.

    It really is worth considering since it's safe.



  10. Miles

    Miles New Member

    Hi! I wore braces for 3 yrs. After a yr. my jaws really started aching at night. So went back & asked the orthdonist he made up a appliance that fits on your upper teeth & you can't grind your back teeth anymore. This is my 2nd one, your front teeth are a little sore in the morning but not bad even not to wear it. Hope you can find something I know the misery if you don't. Deb
  11. healing

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    Whatever you do for your grinding, you need to think about why you are grinding your teeth. Are you really stressed? My experience has been that if you stop grinding your teeth, your stress -- if left un-dealt-with -- will move to another place in your body (neck? shoulders? brow? stomach?) and you'll have to deal with it there.

    That said, I have worn an "appliance" for about 10 years now. It is GREAT. Before, my jaws were tight to the point of headaches, I was having to get crowns and root canals (yuk!) regularly, and I wasn't sleeping well at all. My jaws have progessively opened to the point where I rarely have any tightness, no headaches, and I haven't been fitted for a crown for years.

    I would strongly recommend getting it from a dentist, who can fit it properly and adjust it over time as your jaw accommodates to it. Also, your dentist can give you a sturdier device than you can buy over the counter. Mine cost about $300. That included all the initial measurements, the fittings (about 3) and the appliance itself.

    I do hope this works for you.
  12. mumsiej

    mumsiej New Member

    Thank you everyone for the great info about the teeth guard. I saw my dentist today, but I have to wait awhile to get one fitted. I have always had excellent teeth but I have to have five cavities and two crowns done first. The dentist thought it was due to dry mouth, which I have because of some of the meds I take. I guess we need that good old spit--saliva--to kill bacteria in our mouth.

  13. Dee33K

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    I am an office Manager for a TMJ Specialist who lectures all over the world. Soft splints are not good for you if you truly have problems with your TM joint! Neither are the ones that cover all the upper teeth. The ones hard ones that are best cover the upper front few teeth. Most general dentists have not been taught how to fabricate a proper splint for TMJ or how to put the mouth into occlusion. The goal is to keep you off your back teeth when you clench so you do not cause havoc in your mouth while not causing trauma to your TM joint. Soft splints encourage you to grind more. You are trying to find a comfortable spot to rest, especially if your bite (occclusion) is not correct) As we age, our teeth move forward so what may have been good before could have changed even if we have not had any dental work done. Of course if you have had a crown or filling done and it is even a millometer high, it can change your bite. Many folks with fibro also have TMJ problems. Remember that pain is referred upwards. When you have pain in the arms, neck, shoulders, etc. it will travel upwards. Xanax is the drug of choice for TMJ clenching as it works well on muscle spasms. A small amount at bedtime is good for both the clenching/grinding and sleep.
  14. mumsiej

    mumsiej New Member

    Thanks Dee for the valuable information. Interesting on just putting the splints on the front teeth. The two teeth that I have chipped were front teeth.
    I do take xanax .
    In the meantime I have additional problems. I have dry mouth because of all the meds I take and nnormally have excellent teeth. At my cleaning yesterday the dentist said I need to have five fillings and two crowns. I guess bacteria thrive in the dry environment.
    So it will be a while before I can have any teeth guards made.

  15. garyandkim

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    jaw pain. I'd chew on it while asleep. I over the years learned to put my toung between my teeth when I was going to sleep and when ever I found myself doing it. It mat sound crazy but, after a couple years I totally stopped. I would sleep on my side useing pillows to keep me from rolling on my back and those pillows made it more comfortable to on my back I'd use the body ones and put a leg over it. I still put my tounge between my teeth during the day when I get tense so I won't do it.

    Good luck and hope you get it stopped, Kim
  16. ifuwouldjust

    ifuwouldjust New Member

    I agree with klutzo. Since I have been taking Klonopin, my teeth grinding has dropped drastically.

  17. mumsiej

    mumsiej New Member

    WOW~~~you are all so smart .

    I only started this teeth grinding stuff in the last year or so. I think it is stress but I have had lots more stress
    in the past and didn't do it. So I am totally puzzled.

    Is there any part of our bodies that fibro does not affect???

  18. Dee33K

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    There is something for dry mouth, I can't remember this AM but if you will E-mail me to remind me, I'll ask today and reply to you. Dee33K@aol.com
  19. ke1

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    I tried a guard for my teeth due to grinding I live in the U.K it cost about £60 I have still got it and you can wear it in the daytime also. I found it helped at first but it doesn't stop you grinding.
  20. ephemera

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    I have worn a hard plastic mouth guard for 20 years. Naturally, not the same one. I usually grind through them in about 2-3 years. Cracks & small breaks happen before then. I still have all the former guards & they are quite an exhibition when I take them out of a box & line them up.

    I have a serious grinding problem, but have never been diagnosed as having TMJ. My grinding requires me to have gold onlays as I often break in 2-3 pieces my teeth. I've cracked all the silver filings I have had over the years, needed 3 root canals in the past 3 years (2 since my fibro diagnosis).

    No, I'm not overly stressed, it's just a part of life like being right handed.

    Best thoughts to all.