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  1. jole

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    Have any of you had severe teeth issues since FM?

    I also have TMJD and with the fibro have a lot of jaw pain. Well, I just went to the dentist last week and found out I need three teeth pulled! I thought all my jaw pain was due to the TMJ/fibro for the past few months. The dentist was very suprised that I could tolerate the pain. Well, gee....I guess I'm used to it?

    Anyway, the teeth are all rotted off underneath the gumline, not even showing a cavity. He was not able to see anything on two of them without x-rays. so...now I'll have to make payments on a bridge, 'cause I'll have no teeth left on the back left side.

    Are any of the rest of you having a lot of teeth problems? I wonder if it's caused by the meds, the fibro itself, or?????? Just curious.................Jole
  2. hagardreams

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    Oh yes I did have problems with my teeth. I spent so many years in pain and having problems with them, that I gave in and had them all pulled. It was one of the best things that I have ever done.

    My doctor said that teeth problems, pain, ect, and fibro go hand in hand. I just know that I have one less thing to worry about, and the dentures dont hurt at all, like the teeth did.

  3. gb66

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    Jole, Funny you should ask! I have been having so many problems with cavities lately I literally can't keep up. I had one filled last year and this year had to have it done again. I just went last Wed. and had 4 filled at one time on the top.
    Three more had developed cavities since my last x-ray a year ago. This is not normal, even for me. Now, because I had to cancel several appnt's. in the last few months due to bladder infections and prolapse problems that I've had to work out first, I find that I will have an old crown removed and then the tooth filled and replaced with a new crown. This was on a previous root canal.

    Also, on the other side of my mouth, I have to have one extracted because the cavity developed so fast and it's near the root. Now I see a little chipped place on one of my front teeth that I never noticed before. I have gum disease and have had to put off cleaning for a year because I've been so sick with the CFS/FM stuff. So the answer to your question is a big loud YES! I've had two extracted already on the same side. It's going to cost about $2,500 altogether (bone graft too). I don't take any pres. med's but B/P and diuretic.

    I am truly sorry that you're having so much misery. I know there is a connection with these illnesses. I don't neglect my teeth either. Just cannot keep up it's all going so fast. By the way, my dentist also remarks that I should be having pain. He's always surprised that I don't. I feel like saying "compared to what?" when he asks me if my tooth hurts! GB66

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  4. Svette_Palme

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    I also had terrible problems with tooth pains, in the jaw cavity below the teeth too. I think there was a low grade infection in there somewhere, and I felt a lot better after I got all my teeth pulled.

    Dentures are just fine [but very important to get them settled as quickly as possible, don't go around without them in!]. Don't bankrupt yourself following the dentists advice - I would still have my teeth and $50,000 worth of work on them that would never have stopped the pain.

    There is a theory that CFS, Fibro, etc. might be CAUSED, or at least made worse, by dental infections, esp. in root canaled teeth and in the "cavatation" below the teeth,
  5. nah.stacey

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    I have had TMJ for years, mouth guard, headaches, blah, blah, blah.

    One of the worst things is that from clenching my jaw when I'm in soooo much pain, has caused all the enamel to be lost at the roots and gum line. My dentist said it's because your teeth are pushed up into your head when you clench your jaw and it wears the enamel off. Thus you are more prone to cavities at the gum line and roots.

    Another one of those "catch 22" issues.

    I am only 45 and not ready for dentures, what are ya gonna do.
  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I think last year I had six root canals, all this time I thought it was from my medicine drying my mouth out. Now maybe it is something else, they all have underneath gum line.
    Never thought of it like an actual infection
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  7. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    I grind my teeth horibbly... Not since FM though, I always have.. now I am seeing that I have seom dentin exposed.. I have a problem with brushing too hard... Now I am probbaly going to have some form of filling done on my gumline... After the knee thing I will see the dentist one form of drama at a time lol

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