Teeth just falling out

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Judi, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Judi

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    It seem like everytime I turn around there is something different happening. 2 Weeks ago I was talking to my sister in law & 2 teeth just fell out, last year I had a couple to break, but these just fell out, one had a cap, but the other was like broke even with my gum, so all the dentist could do was cut the tooth out. yesterday one of my molors the side just fell off. I have asked my dentist if this has something to do with FM, BUT HE said he just didn`t know that much about FM. I just get to where things are going pretty good & something new & costly happens. I have been reading on FM, but I haven`t found anything for sure, maybe there are places to look that I have over looked.
    I guess I just need you guys again for help, There has always been someone that knows something.
    God Bless You,
  2. marecee58

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    Hear you loud and clear Judi. I've had so many teeth break, pulled and root canaled that it is rediculous. And the ones that are still there HURT for the most part. Receeding gum lines and periodontal disease - THIS STINKS!!
  3. Nikki

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    or an FM thing . . . but, I've broken off two teeth w/in the last yr. Have had 4 root canals and crowns (further back than a yr). And, just recently my dentist said I need braces (@ 58). One of my front teeth is beginning to turn ever so slightly . . . and it appears that braces are the only way to straighten it back out before it takes the roots and nerves and twists them around. I hate the whole idea . . . ugh!

    Sorry I don't have a clue about what's causing it........just wanted you to know you are not alone.

  4. kerrymygirl

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    Just went to dentist besides for tmj and jaws locking. I need about 10,000 grand worth of work. Some have just broken. I will have to try to save the front and get some back ones pulled. I take very good care of my teeth and they said they can tell that.

    Just 1 more thing I cannot afford, grrrrrr

    Used to have good coverage before illnes. Did not have much work done then, of course. It seems the sicker I get the more problems incurred.

    I drink water all the time because I know from the mouth dryness it causes teeth to fall out. So if you don`t drink water all the time. My friend when she was on anti`s her teeth just kept breaking and falling out. She was not a water drinker.

    I have nightmares about my teeth falling out all the time.

    Take Care
  5. shazz

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    Especially with gum disease.
    Here is something I read, and it IS helping already.
    Olive Leaf Extract is a natural antibiotic and is used by lots of people here for sinus and other infections.
    I went and got some, and I swear my gums are better already after a couple weeks.
    I had one tooth that was constantly abcessed, and I was begging and borrowing any kind of antibiotics from whoever to keep from having it pulled.
    Maybe it's just coincidence but it's better now since starting the OLE.
    One piece of advice though, start very slowly, I started in at 500 mgs a day and about killed myself with the herxing reaction. I quit taking it for a few days and then started back at 125 mgs and now am up to 250.
    Just a thought, it's inexpensive and couldn't hurt.

    Good luck.
  6. RedB

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    Although some of the people here have dental problems, I don't really believe that it is an FM problem.

    Maybe our moderators will know more about this.

  7. Judi

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    It is nice to know that others are having some of the same problems, yet sad that we have these things to go through.
    My dentist even had me get a water pick, like one said, with my husband`s job we had great insurance so we went every six months, It seems like since the imflamatories & the auto-imune has effected my mouth & tongue, that`s when my teeth started getting bad, & I do take good care of my teeth also.
    Thank you for all of you input. I will try the Olive Leaf Extract. if it causes the mouth to burn I will have to start on a low dose, cause my tongue burns really bad even with the ontiment that I have to use.
    God Bless You,