Teeth, thick secretions, and FMS?

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  1. pearls

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    I have to put up with really globby stuff that clings to my throat. This is an FMS problem, and is discussed in Dr. Devin Starlanyl's, "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain," Chapter 8, "Signs and Smptoms," Section 1, Number 15.

    Also, in the past several months, too, I've noticed I have to work very hard indeed to keep my teeth clean. Gunck just clings to them. My husband has noticed this, too, and he said that they weren't that way before, which was my observation as well.

    Here's my question: are these two problems related? Have some of you noticed both of these things happening to you at the same time?


  2. Shirl

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    Yes, I also have this, worst when I wake in the morning. I use a vaporizer(warm mist) everynight in the bedroom. It does help.

    I believe this is a post nasal drip, only its worst with us. I also keep salt beside the bed, if it gets too bad, I just put a small amount of salt at the back of my tongue and it seems to help clear it out.

    I also have the 'gunk' in my mouth, thats also worst in the mornings. I also use the salt water to clean my mouth, can't stand those sweet toothpaste, they seem to make it worst instead of better.

    Yes, I think they are related to one another. Does it make you cough too? I cough a lot from the phlegm in my throat, and sometimes it smells foul .

    If all else fails, I will take a Wintergreen mint!

    Devin's books are right on the mark with almost all of our symptoms, I could not do without her books.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  3. insomniac1

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    hi just wanted to let you know i have the same things going on for awhile now. ill be watching for things to help with this thanks kris
  4. pearls

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    My HUSBAND, of all people, made this suggestion! I'm exclaiming because whenever he asks, "Why?" when I mention one of my million or so problems, he rolls his eyes when I say, "Fibromyalgia." I thought about it and it made sense, but did not remember gunk on teeth being mentioned in any of them, let alone a connection between the two! (My spouse's eye-rolling about these things is a major source of irritation to me, though he has been very supportive when it comes to whatever makes sense to him.)

    Salt has been useful to me, too. I gargle salt water in the middle of the night when I wake up with it clogging my throat. That, and making all sorts of throat-clearing sounds gets rid of much of it, and drinking water after that helps, too. My mouth is usually bone dry at night, which doesn't help carry the post nasal drip (I agree with that, too) down past the throat. I'll try using a bit of salt on my tongue, too. Thanks for that idea.

    Dr. Starlanyl says that people with FMS often have thick secretions, and that if some of it accidentally gets on our glasses (as when we blow our noses), it can be very difficult to get off. That seemed to verify my husband's idea of the connection (though he hadn't heard about Dr. Starlanyl's observation about the glasses).

  5. Mikie

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    Guai helps thin our mucus and really makes a difference. Paradoxically, though, it can cause more tarter on the teeth as our bodies excrete the phosphate debris which bonds with the calcium. I keep a dental tool, given to me by my hygeinist, to pop this stuff off my bottom teeth. It comes off easily. Using some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to brush with occasionally will help as will using those whitening strips.

    The tarter problem only occurs when we are on the Guai protocol, eliminating the sals. Otherwise, just taking the Guai will only thin the mucus.

    Love, Mikie
  6. franners

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    I get the crud too. Have for years and it has affected my teeth as well.
    Reflux will also give you problems of this sort.
  7. tandy

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    i've had this problem for many years!! I hate it!! The mucus seems so thick its hard to bring it up!I"ve considered ordering the guai just to help with that symptom alone!I wondered if it were sinus's or FM?sometimes when I am able to cough some up....its thick like snot!(sorry its gross I know....but I wanna make myself undertandable)Its clear usually....but sometimes when i've had other cold symtoms along with it....its more yellowish/cloudy and thicker yet!I'm gonna look into that herb Mullien.I've never heard of it. GNC has a computer set up in their stores so you can look up any supplement,herb,ingredient,etc.....And it'll show whats its known to be helpful for,and any precautions~(thats pretty nice!) Thanks for the tip!!
  8. Plantscaper

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    I think OLE has changed all of my allergy-induced symptoms, which was probably originally caused by the the fungal/bacterial problems..Have you tried it?
  9. Shirl

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    I have one of those ingenious husbands too :)

    Heres another one of my tips for that mucus, I will put a 'Breathe Right' strip on my nose at night. Believe it or not, it really helps. It will at least keep the nasal passages open.

    'Husband' suggested that I keep a glass of grape juice on the bedside table, that way I can get the 'taste' out of my mouth quickly, and quench my nightly thirst too.

    You would not believe what is on that table beside my bed, plus what in in the little drawer either.

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. tandy

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    I went out to get some Mullein yesterday.....I tried the two local health food stores here and neither one has it~ I did a google search and came up with alot of info....I guess you have to order it online??Anyone familiar with it think its just as good a s the guai??(for thinning secretions). thanks alot!!