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  1. mrshon

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    my front teeth throb, i happen to work for a dentist and it is not dental. this was my first symtom, then it went away for about a year. now its back, anyone else have this, its not really an ache more like a throbbing of only my upper front teeth. interested in opinions. thanks
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    I have been to the dentist several times, wanting her to tell me that my teeth had some kind of problem that would explain the pain. It turned out that my sinuses were to blame. When I cleared up a long-term infection, my teeth stopped hurting. Why only your front teeth might hurt, I don't know. good luck. Diane
  3. Mikie

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    From the sinuses. I've had that too. Are you having any sinus problems? If so, try snorting some warm sea salt water up your nose with your head slightly tilted forward. Keep sniffing to keep it up there as long as possible and then blow your nose. It should loosen up the crud so you can blow it out. Don't use prepared solutions as they contain preservative chemicals which are harmful to the mucus membranes.

    Love, Mikie
  4. JLH

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    I had a terrible time with my teeth throbbing! It started a couple years ago, only it was my jaw teeth.

    I have TMJ, but it was my parodid glands that kept swelling and putting pressure on my jaw teeth.

    I went to the dentist, he said it was medical, I went to the doctor, he said not medical, it must be dental. This went on and on for months! Finally, the dentist sent me to an oral surgeon. He told me to get scans of my parodid glands. No stones or anything, just swollen.

    I don't know if the swollen parodid glands problem (the glands right under your ears and kind of behind your jaw line) is a part of the fibro or my lupus, or what.

    But .... in order to alleviate the toothache in both jaws, I had to get root canals on all of my jaw teeth (just the bottom jaw teeth, for some reason).

    It was expensive, but it got rid of my toothaches! LOL

    My parodid glands still swell often, and sometimes make some of my other teeth hurt -- and sometimes causes an ear ache -- but nothing like the tooth pain in the jaw teeth before I had the nerve endings removed!
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  5. CPRN911

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    have this periodically...about a month ago knew for SURE I had an abcess...didn't...after xrays found it was SINUS...I too do the "sinus cleansing"...helps..and so does taking Flonase (for me)...about the only place mine "throb" are on the left upper side...get your doc to do a sinus xray and check them out...and like Mikie...doing the nasal cleaning has helped alot..
  6. mrshon

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    but ive been the sinus route and even went to an oral pathologist, no answers, had rct on many teeth without results, i still get discomfort in the teeth ive had rct.
    i have to say its the fm.(or im just going crazy)
    mrs hon
  7. Kalli

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    I have those "tooth aches" too. In the front only. Sometimes the top teeth, other times the bottom. They come on suddenly and leave just the same. Sometimes it feels like a regular tooth ache and sometimes it feels like a nerve s really hurting below my teeth. It's really painful but thank God it doesn't last to long. Just comes and goes.

    I don't have sinus infection either so I figure it is from Fibro. In fact I have read where that is one of the symptoms. I don't recall where but I know I have read it.
    I don't know what to say to you to make it better. Wish I did and we would both be better! :)

    Fibro is not fun and it's very mean stuff to have.

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  8. gardengrow

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    I have complained to the dentist quite often about tooth pain but after an exam and x-ray there is nothing there. It must be sinuses and it does eventually go away. I just read JLH's reply to your post and now I know why my ear aches and everything there feels swollen. I have never heard of the parodid glands. I thought my lmph glands on the side of my neck must be swollen but the doctor said they are okay. My left ear has been plugged for two weeks at least. I wonder if you could test out a sinus med and see if the tooth pain subsides- then you would know for sure.

  9. Mikie

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    Why not the teeth? I think it is a good idea to have things checked out when we have new symptoms, just to be sure. I think many of us carry stress in our jaws, necks, and shoulders and this constant constriction of our muscles probably refers pain all over the place.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Alicensk

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    Swollen parotid glands are common in Sjogren's Syndrome patients. I was diagnosed with Sjo in the fall of 2001 and also have some mild (so far) Fibro symptoms with muscle pain and tenderness. Check out the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Web site and other sites to learn more about it.

    Sjo can be difficult to diagnose because many times blood tests don't show anything. Mine were all normal, but a lip biopsy confirmed the dx. Sjo mostly attacks your salivary and tear glands. They took a bit of tissue from inside my lower lip and saw the damage to the cells because my lymphocytes are attacking the salivary glands.

    It is one of the autoimmune diseases; rheumatologists are the docs who know the most about it. Mine was diagnosed within a short time because my brother had an autoimmune problem and they now think such things may run in families.

    Sometimes dentists or opthalmologists suspect Sjo, because most Sjo patients have a problem with dry mouth (lack of saliva means you get a lot of cavities) and burning, itchy eyes. But not all Sjo patients have these symptoms to the point they're causing noticeable problems.

    Sjo patients also have a problem with fatigue, and many have other autoimmune problems mixed in, such as Fibro.

    Lack of saliva, or thickened saliva, means you can get a "plug" in your parotid gland that can be painful. There are ways to slow down the Sjo, including a medication called Plaquenil, which is what I'm on. It took almost 6 months before I noticed a difference, but it definitely helps.

    Maybe your swollen parotid glands are caused by something else, but hang in there until you find out what's causing your problem.

    Alice N.
  11. JLH

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    I forgot to mention in my post that I do have Sjogren's Syndrome. Many people who have Lupus (as I do) also have Sjogren's. I am also on Placquanil for both conditions. I have taken it since 1996.