teeths braces and fibro

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    in my search of solution, i keep reading the news and researches on this site.
    i notest the braces(teeth of course) fibro connection.
    i didnt understand much of what i read(not very informative), but a my pains started right after i did my upper braces, and they erupted after gym work(weights).
    i still have the braces(have lower now also), and im 19 yo male.

    i cant really do the malisa test as we dont have it here.
    i cant really afford the hair analysis.
    if it is metal poisioning(what exactly is the problem the braces may cause?), i still gonna lose the braces in a few months.

    what is the treatment for this? and is it possible that the material the braces is built of, cause this all?

    i thought of this before, but my dentist and other docs told me it cant be the cause.

    i will like to hear your opinion on the topic.