Teitelbaum Anyone tried it and gotten good results?

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    My doctor has basically said that he is unable to help me. After seven years and tens of thousands of dollars, he is now recommending Dr. Teitelbaum. However, I have not seen people taking about getting good results with his protocol. I did the online survey a few years ago and a book of try these supplements came out. I might as well have opened his book. Before I consider going to the States from Canada and spending more money, I would like to know if anybody has tried the protocol and had a positive experience. It makes me nervous that he recommends his own product line.


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    I would like to hear other's experiences too
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    I have had fibro for 30+ years.
    You can read my bio to get an idea of my history.

    I have been on the Tietelbaum protocol since the end of May.
    I started at a Wellness Center that supports his protocol as well as others.

    My first appt. was an hour long and Dr. Lynch went over the paperwork I had been sent prior to the appt..
    About a 10 pg. questionaire.
    He suggested treatment options and what he felt was the best way to start.
    I then had blood drawn.

    I have the book From Fatigued to Fantastic and use it as my guideline.
    I first started with his Energizing Formula with B complex as well as the Sleep Formula and liquid fish oil.
    Dietary changes based on following an anti inflammatory diet. (in the book.)
    After 2 weeks I began to see a bit of improvement energy wise.

    My second Drs. appt. a month after the first one was about going over the lab results.
    Nothing particularly remarkable...low on vitamin D.
    Following the recommendations of Tietelbaum my doc and I decided to add a T3 thyroid med..Cytomel to my program.
    I have been on Synthroid for 11 yrs..

    Vit. D3..Sublingual B12...a digestive enzyme and a probiotic were added.
    Although I did not do the stool testing recommended..due to out of pocket expense we are going on the premise that I have candida.
    The answers I gave on questionaire definitely point to that.

    My third appt. was last month.
    I keep a journal and although did not feel as though much was improving at that point could see by the journal that
    my pain level was lower many days or at least a portion of a day.
    Fatigue was worse though....but I hadn't been as compliant with the diet either.

    Next phase is now B12 injections I give myself, as well as Nystatin for the yeast to be supplemented with Diflucan a month after beginning the Nystatin.

    I can say the B12 has shown a 30-50 % diff in fatigue on any given day.
    The Nystatin has been difficult to adjust to though and at present I am taking a break from it.
    I work full time and it is hard to deal with the die off reactions and maintain my work schedule.
    Missed 2 days the first week on it and was wiped out when I did go in.

    Each supp. and med is added in 1 at a time at 3-7 day intervals.
    Also dose of supp. can be adjusted down according to your response.

    I would prefer to take the natural supp. recomm. for the yeast problem but the cost is prohibitive for me right now.

    Although the center I go to carries any supp. they recommend they do not frown upon you finding a comparable product.

    I have replaced most with supps. from Prohealth which also carries Tietelbaums Energy Formula. Cheaper and all good products.

    I am finding improvement on the protocol so far but it has not been without it's ups and downs.
    The dietary changes are what I struggle with and I know when I am compliant I do better.

    As my doc said...read the book...mark what speaks to you and then decide if you want to follow that route.
    Hopefully if you do you will be able to have a dr. that will help you facilitate it.

    You can do alot on your own but labs that are recommended are not usually run by traditionaly drs. and getting scripts for some of the meds suggested may not be supported by some docs..

    Hope this helps you bit.

    I go back the end of Sept and will most likely start working on the adrenals.
    Labwork will be repeated at that time.

    I am committed to giving this at least a year to see where it takes me.
    I have been ill forever so to get back even 50% of my life would be wonderful.


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    bumping for bren
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    I went to Teitelbaum's site and found a local doctor who trained in the protocol. He's a reg. MD, not in a FFC. so he works with insurance.

    If you read the book From Fatigued to Fantastic, you'll understand the protocol. I think it's the way to go, and have been improving.

    My doctor also thinks I will be 'cured' but I wonder about that. If I got it once, what's to prevent me from getting it again? I guess I believe there's a genetic component to it.
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    I met Teitlebaum at a conference many years ago where he got up and said he could "cure" CFS. Most of the well-known CFS docs/researchers were there, as well as many patients, and everyone was ticked off. I don't mean to be negative, but there is no "cure"! People respond differently to the treatments available. Some get better, some don't.

    He also plays fast and loose with his "recovery" numbers. He doesn't consider that many of us are too sick and don't have the money to travel to his office or an FFC and pay out of pocket. I went to two "CFS specialists" who also claimed big success. Both told me they counted anyone who'd come to them and didn't return as a success story! Many of us don't return because we aren't getting better.

    I have a copy of Teitlebaum's book and read it. Had tried everything but the cortisol supp. In other words, most of it was not new. I appreciate that the protocol is getting out to more people via his PR and the FFCs, but not the price tag. You might want to try to get your local doctor to read the book and work with you--could be covered by insurance, or at least be cheaper.
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    I agree. I have been searching for a cure forever but all I really want is to be able to have a small life. I am housebound. I live with my parents and only get out when I have to go to a medical appointment. This is not a life. I don't want to go to the States and try some treatment with a low sucess rate regardless of what they "report". One person that when to one of the FFCs said that she finally got the doctor to admit that 30% improve. Not good enough ... But where does that leave us. Please continue to update me on your progress with the protocol. Good luck. I need to take a break and regroup before I start new again.

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    He is closing his practoce according to my ffc dr. He is just going to be the head of the ffc. i think it is mroe money for him honestly. ALso, I don't really believe every FFC dr. is trained by him b/c they have their own protocal and I knwo my philly dr. did not have a training program through him...I think that is just hype to get peopel to go.

    i go to the ffc with pretty good results but I am still weary of things.