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    I recommend Teitelbaum's protocol. You can go to Vitality101 and find a Dr. in your area who's trained in that protocol. They tackle it this way: SHIN Sleep, Hormonal balance, Infections, and Nutrition. The sleep is the most important. If you don't sleep, you don't heal.

    The Dr.s are regular MDs. They prefer natural meds and supplements, but if you do need something, they can prescribe it. They also work with chronic pain.

    I have had CFIDS since 1978 and I was diagnosed with FM sometime in the 1990s, I believe. This protocol is the first time I've really felt all the bases are being covered, and I've seen improvement. However, I have such a stubborn sleep disorder that drastic measures are called for, and so I'm newly on Xyrem. So far, I can stay awake if I want, and I do wake up if something happens. I have to really work with this med to get enough sleep.

    One other thing: I go to massage therapy and she told me to be very careful, because of having FM tender points and the myofascial pain syndrome. One type of massage can make the other worse. So she's working at loosening my muscles, and is just now getting to the point that she can concentrate on the hard, painful lumps. So, some people benefit by having some strong pressure applied that brings immediate relief, and others need to have the fascia stretched with gentle massage. Obviously, finding someone who understands all this is very important.

    Hope you find relief soon.
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