teitelbaum protocol?????????

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    This Dr. and his protocols keep coming up along with
    dr. Cheney. Both these Dr. say some patients have remarkable results from taking oxytocin (not oxycotin). I have never seen a post here from anyone who has tried it. When I read about GHB or its equivilent the new drug for cataplexy Xyrem there are so many crossovers that I think there is real potential for help here and yet no discussion since I have been here since Sept. It is just about impossible to get Xyrem but oxytocin is a possibility but so far I cannot get anyone to give me one injections to see if I get the flush etc. I'm working on getting a scrip for the sublinguls but they are quite expensive and I will be on my own for managing the dose and response. Would sure like to have more guidence and feedback.