Tell Francis Collins to Stop the P2P Workshop for ME/CFS

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    The Pathways to Prevention Workshop is based on bad science, which will harm ME/CFS patients for decades to come.

    Click on the link to use our easy One Click app to send a letter to NIH Director Francis Collins, telling him to stop the P2P.
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    Thanks so much, Caledonia - I just clicked and signed -

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    Hi, everyone! Haven't been here in a loooong time. So good to see familiar names, and see
    you are all persevering!

    Just want to add that meadvocacy site is coming along so nicely, and I highly recommend it
    for you to stay up-to-date on the advocacy work being done by so many. We have not stopped,
    and we won't until we get what we want: appropriate testing and treatments! Do join the
    meadvocacy group listed at the top of the page, and volunteer if you're able! Hugs to all.