Tell me about you MRI's of the head....white spots.

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    In my first year of trying to figure out what in the world was going on. My dr sent me for a MRI of the head..and then the called me at work one day to tell me that they had found something actually 2 things and the radiologist thought that it could be cyst or something else..ok off to the neuro we went..Well this guy was something else and he told me that we all had spots in our head and if there were more it could be MS..he looked at me for all of 15 seconds and told me I had fibro..ok well that guy is one of my all time favorite drs...yeah right!!! had a couple more MRI's since then and they are still there...

    The reason I am asking is I remember reading in post the other night someone else mentioned the white spots in a MRI..wondering how many of us have them and what the heck is going on with that? I do not and never have believed that everyone had spots in thier heads!!!

    Thanks for listening
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    for the info I will I run a search...I am a newby here so still learning I guess...thank you

    best of days

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