tell me about your herxes

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Poppy2, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Poppy2

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    I would like to know what others have experienced while herxing. Also when you may have started to feel somewhat better. Thanks Poppy
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    I have found that sometimes this board doesn't get much traffic when you make a post.

    So far I'm not much of a herxer. Was on Valtrex 3 mos. and had no herxing. Was on Doxy 6 wks. and I first had EXTREME fatigue then head and chest congestion. I have clamydia pneu. and mycoplasma pneu. I think it was working on those.

    My doc took me off so he could re-test the Lyme. Didn't agree but...

    What are you currently taking?

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  3. eleanorc

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    What a good question!

    I have herxed (I believe) every time I start antibiotics. I have been on 8 different abxs. including 2 months on IV rocephin.

    I have relapsed 1-2 months after finishing all the abxs.

    I know the lyme is back because I start feeling a weird vibration going up my legs and then I get joint pain then fatique, shortness of breath, brain fog and hot flashes.

    The hexing for me is different than the above symptoms. It is hard to explain but I just feel the flu was thrown in to the mix. I just felt miserable.

    The Buhner Protocol is helping me and I did not have any bad herxes with it.


  4. Poppy2

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    I am taking Biaxin and Metronidazole (Flagyl) each twice a day. I think Iv'e herxed by extreme fatique and symtom increase, feeling debilated. I had to travel quite a ways to see the Lyme specialist, so he gave me this RX for a year. I tested low positive for babs an bart, I call him every two weeks, but he's retiring at the end of Feb. So, as you can see, I really like seeing input from others. Thanks Poppy