Tell me why I shouldn't drink milk

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  1. TwinMa

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    I really LOVE my milk (cow's milk). Always have. I grew up on whole milk and switched to 2% when I was 21. That was a big adjustment, but I got used to it. At this point, I drink about 12 oz of milk with dinner (much less than I used to drink).

    I hear so much about dairy allergies, and I don't THINK I have any, but who knows.

    I don't think I can give up my milk, and maybe I don't need to, but I do need to consider it.

    Give me some reasons! (I'm not promising anything, though!LOL)

  2. kch64

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    If you want to try, just stay off of it and cheese for about two weeks. If you feel better, than you know you have a problems with milk.

    If not, drink away (Grin)

  3. elsa

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    I love that whole milk too .... Specially when I was little and you could still buy it in those big glass containers .... Icey Cold ...YUM!

    You would know if you were lactose intolerant. Your stomach would make it difficult not to notice. Also, I just read a very interesting article posted in two different places about low fat diets not being the savior of heart disease (preventing, etc) as once indicated.

    Fat is not an evil .... Sooo, if you don't have any allergies and you are not trying to lose weight then I can't think of any reason under the sun why you can't have your milk ...

    Oh yeah, how quickly I can forget .... unless it interfers with any medications you are on like maybe ummm T3?!?

    I don't have any idea if milk is a bad thing when trying to do a candida diet .... probably, since alot of good stuff is ... I never needed to go that route for treatment so I can't add anything intelligent ...

    We give up too darn much and spend alot of time trying to get it back ... don't give up something that you enjoy and is beneficial to you unless you have to ...

  4. Cromwell

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    Cows raised well(organically) on good pastures without hormones etc - the milk is great. Also, Organic Valley now have a lactose free milk and cheese which tastes just as good.

    Certain races of people, as I understand it, Chinese, lack the enzyme for lactose and therefore do not consume milk in general.

    For many centuries people have been drinking milk from various animals including buffalo goats sheep-we used to milk our own goats and sheep in the UK as well as the cows(all by hand).

    There are a few places especially in the UK that "pasturize" the milk by an old fashioned method I forget the name of(brain fog). (OO just recalled gravity fed pasturization much better tasting)maybe some places in the USA may or aussie. Paturized milk, although safer, does lack some of the goodness of raw milk. One can never replicate that taste straight from the pail-yummie!!!

    I have found my gas pains are a little better on the lactose free, but as Ellie says, lactose intolerance will show up usually in childhood with a plethora of symptoms one could not fail to notice.

    Go organic with everything you are able to, kinder to the creatures and kinder to yourself. It tastes better too so one tends to eat less, so that makes the price difference not too bad. And what good is porridge without the milk?(LOL)

    Love Anne C
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  5. TwinMa

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    Thank you so much for your replies! I think I will just keep on drinking my delicious milk. Last night with dinner I realized I drink more like 24 oz milk (not 12!) with my meal.

    I don't have any milk at breakfast since I drink Stormy's shake in the morning. So there's no problem with it interfering with my T3.

    I will try the organic, but realistically probably can't stick with it. My husband does the majority of the grocery shopping and he would have a cow (tehe) if I told him to start buying me different milk than the girls drink! Yes, they could drink organic, too, but then we'd go broke, because they REALLY drink a lot of milk. They don't drink pop or juice. Just milk and water. Good girls!

    Thank you all for your responses. And thanks for being supportive of my "habit". You are right, we shouldn't have to give up everything we love!!!

  6. foxglove9922

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    Cow's milk is a foreign substance to the human body. We are the only mammels on the planet that drink the milk of another mammel past infancy.

    The body must work extra hard every time you ingest milk to break down the enzymes taking valuable time away from our already weakened immune systems.

    I grew up on a dairy farm and now suffer terribly with CFS. Dairy is an absolute no no for me. I am not latose intolerant (been tested) but am very much aware than when I do ingest any form of dairy that I flare for days afterwards. It's just not worth it for me.

    Do your body a favor and drink bottled water and tea.
  7. skierchik

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    not all viruses get killed during the pasteurization process.

    Way back in my younger days with Juvenile Diabetes, I had read that cow's milk was linked to this disease.

    They think that a virus was in the milk and after ingesting the milk it made antibodies which should have reacted to the virus but instead the antibodies killed our own beta cells which produce insulin. Therefore, we end up with no insulin producing cells. So, as you can imagine, I've never had a sip of milk since. And I don't eat much dairy at all. I like almond milk and almond cheese. It's much better for us.


  8. matthewson

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    You can find some studies somewhere on just about anything!
    Go ahead and drink it if you like it!

    Take care, Sally
  9. Bambi

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    I've seen studies that say a small amount of dairy, including cheese are beneficial to losing weight. I grew up drinking a lot of milk, my dad loved it and so did I. I mainly use milk now with cereal only, but I'd have no aversion to drinking it.

    I'm just of the old school that if we eat and drink a little of eveything we have a healthier diet and everything works better. The more organic you can afford the better now with so much put into our food and our animals for sure. Even then you are dealing with polluted ground and ground water, so nothing is perfect.
  10. Adl123

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    Dear Katy,
    I guess you have heard some of the things people say about milk consumption in adults. Well, let me add:

    The western hemisphere is one of the few places on earth where adults comsume milk. Most countries don't give milk to anyone not a child, and many countries don't even give it to children, and they are quite healthy, (and mostly thin). However, many countries eat cheese.

    Some people feel that milk inhibits detoxification of the body. They say it "cloggs it up".

    Then, other people are lactose intolerant. This usually starts with intestinal gas, and avances to excess mucous in the body and then chest and sinus congestion.

    On the other hand many people in the US drink milk all their lives. So, don't change just because there might be a problem with other peole. If you benefit from it, why not?
  11. Cromwell

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    bERGS LAW?
  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    that lists all the acid binders actually lists milk as one of the best binders.

    The Massai drink milk as does most of Africa and a good deal of India when they are able to. As far as I am am aware it is only people of Chinese origin and similar who lack the enzyme for milk. Yoghurt was orininated in Turkey I beleive.

    Most animals have a different digestive system to us, but our baby calves goats and lambs would suckle until the parents became pregant again. It is only man that removes the baby from the mother animal.

    I believe that the Bible refers to milk as manna from heaven. There is quite a lot of legend surrounding the use of milk and dairy products but as people have used it for thousands of years (cave drawings depict milking)my guess is it is a bounty provided to enjoy. Juts make sure it is organic. For those who cannot afford organic get the product that says BHT free. It is cheaper than organic and contians no hormones. You may have to get your store to order it, it cost maybe 30c a gallon more.

    Love Anne C (not about to give up my Breyers icecream anytime!!!!)
  13. lenasvn

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    Sweden, we are called "big babies" because of our huge consumtion of milk. On the other hand, we are among the top-ranked health wise, and have good bones, hearts, strong muscles and long life span. Try to grab a purse from an eldery lady in her nineties back home- you'll get a whooping you wouldn't believe,,,LOL! Don't know if it has anything to do with the milk, but we think so. On the other hand, we have good milk products, non sweetend yogurt- like cultures that is manna for your digestive system. It is called "Fil" and is often used to give people in hospitals with digestive inflammations/ infections and other similar problems.
  14. rockyjs

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    I'm a milk lover and have raised dairy animals and know the industry well. Every adult mammal I've been around will drink milk enthusiastically if they have access to it, so I don't buy the "milk is for babies" argument.

    However I do think it is much better to drink skim milk. You avoid the fat soluble hormones, pesticides, etc that are in the milkfat as well as the extra calories.

    Milkfat is one of the shortest chain fatty acids and stimulates something called prostaglandin E2 which increases mucous production. Many people get a lot of drainage and rattling in their lungs when they drink milk, but it will go away if you drink true skim milk. By law dairies are allowed to add up to 1/2% milkfat to skim milk to make it taste better. I buy Safeway's brand which tends to be truly skim.

    Of course if you're allergic to lactose or casein, milk is not a good food for you, but most "allergies" I have seen in nutritional consulting were remedied by switching to skim. You get used to the taste after a while and anything else tastes too rich.

  15. TwinMa

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    is because we are the only ones with opposable thumbs! Otherwise how would you grab a glass of milk! LOL!! Gotta love those opposable thumbs! I think monkeys and chimps would drink milk, but I think they have other issues (no way to get to the grocery store, no money, no refrigerators to keep the milk in....) Poor monkeys! LOL!!

    I really do like hearing both sides of an issue, so thank you ALL for responding!

    I thought I would hear from more "Dairy Bashers". I know you are out there!

    Glad others like milk as much as I do!

  16. Alyndra

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    That's on some forbidden list of.. something! lol

    I drink about a 12oz glass with breakfast.

    And then lunch.

    And then dinner.


    I drink about a litre a day of the stuff & wouldn't give it up for anything. Which is good, because my doctor says I need to drink that much because my body doesn't retain calcium what so ever.

    The only difference is that I had to switch to 1%, because 2% was making me sick.

    I don't think I helped your cause by much ;)