tell me your experiences on pamelor (nortriptyline) xx

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  1. claireandgiles

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    Hello all of you!! i have had some really great feed back from you all on elavil. I am strongly considering switching from elavil to pamelor as elavil just makes me want to sleep all day long!! although i never give in i stay awake. If i want to say goodbuy to my stomach nerve pain then i dont think elavil would help as the dose i may (up to 50mg) need i dont think i could handle.

    I have herd pamelor is less sedating than elavil!! yey!!
    if thats true then good good!!

    Has anyone ever tried pamelor?
    Is it better to get on with than elavil?

    I would love to hear your views and experiences as it gives me plenty to talk to the doc about when i go for my next visit soon!!
    hugz claire xx
  2. kgg

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    my understanding is that out of the two, pamelor is the better. They are "cousins" in the pharmacy world. So some side effects are similar. Nortriptyline is supposed to be less sedating and less apt to cause weight.

    Remember that we all react differently to meds. So what might work great for me might be torture for someone else.

    Hope this helps. -Karen
  3. elaine_p

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    When I was on antidepressants I used nortriptyline for awhile since it was cheaper than effexor.

    I didn't notice any negative effects from it (or any benefits).