Tell your doc this if they won't listen!!!

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    It was interesting reading of your troubles...I'm sorry you had to go thorugh all of this, especially when you were feeling so poorly...I had a wise doctor tell me to let patients know that if they feel they are getting the run around, they need to tell the doctor - looking them right in the eye - that they are required to do "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to take care of the patient...many hospitals. dr offices have a patient bill of rights, or something like that - I know for a fact that Kaiser has one, as I had to take my mom there, and we copied it down - if you show them, tell them - whatever - what you expect of them, and what they need to do - let them make the choice to be a jerk, or perform their duties as expected...why is it we have to take this from doctors? No other profession has that right...I think we need to stand up and be heard...just because a limb is not dangling, or worse - we are sick, and we are human, and we deserve to be treated in a professional and caring matter!
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    I have tried that. It does break down my doctor's gaurd sometimes. He was going to cut me off of my painkillers cold-turkey, and I reminded him of the oath that he took "FIRST, DO NO HARM." He said "I'm not causing you harm!" I said, "Yes you are. I will be in excrusiating pain and will suffer horribly". That was enough to make him change his mind.

    You have to speak up for yourself. Be a nag, be a "bitch", whatever you need to do. No one else will save you or stand up for you. No one else knows how you're feeling inside like you do. You have to be you're own defense lawyer.