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    Yesterday, Thanksgiving day, I read the messages & thoughts of telling FM stories to Oprah or Dr. Phil. I replied to the messages mentioning the difficulty I had in logging in to the web sites. I tried again last night & was able to

    log in to Oprah's web site Oprah .com. I told my story to her & mentioned that other Fibromites also wanted to tell their stories. I know that someone reads ALL of the e-mails but of course not all of them can be answered. I think that

    this may be the time for some of us to bombard her with our stories. Perhaps they will listen & help to educate the public & those in the medical profession that are still skeptical of the validity of this disease.

    Do any of you want to do this now or was I jumping the gun? I can't remember who suggested to do this, but I really liked the idea. Any comments??


  2. JLH

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    In May 2005, there was a letter writing campaign where everyone sent a mass mailing of letters telling our stories to many news stations and TV shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Montel, etc.

    This was associated with Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, held on May 12 of each year, which is a widely celebrated, high-profile media event observed by the millions of Americans with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain illnesses.

    The Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is sponsored by a fibro site on the web. I can't remember if an answer was received by the Oprah show, but I remember that the Montel show received so many letters that they informed the web site to STOP sending letters to them. I don't think they planned to do a story on fibro.

    Letters during this time were also sent to Laura Bush and others in Washington to request an increase in monies spent on research for fibro.


    P.S. See my replies to fight4acure re the same subject.
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    Yes, we have done this before several times. But for some reason the day before Thanksgiving, I felt compelled to try again. So I sent an email to Oprah and Dr. Phil. One of these days, maybe she will get sick of the celebriy stories and do a story on us.

    I think I heard she did I story on a person with CFS years ago. I said please do an update story on this because so much new information has come out. I told her to talk to the FM and Fatigue Centers to find out what really is going on with these diseases. I wish she would talk to my doctor, Dr. Spurlock. He would be awesome on there. Any of those doctors would be and so would the founder because he had CFS himself.
  4. sparrowshell

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    I was only thinking of this myself today - and actually did a search on her website before coming to this one (I haven't been on this website for AGES). And she didn't have anything on FM or CFS there. It would be good if she could do a real story on CFS / FM sufferers ...

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