Temperature Change - sensory processing - Question too!

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    Temperature Change - sensory processing

    Now that it is really cold outside, I just want to ask if other Fibros here are experiencing anything like this:

    I come inside after taking a 20 minute walk outside in the cold air. During the transition to the warm room I start to shake and my arms and legs go stiff like I am having a seizure. I can barely talk because I can barely get a breath and my jaw and throat are tight.

    I tell myself to not overreact, "calm down", but it just happens and I cannot control it. It is not nearly as serious as a seizure, and it didn't last more than about 10 minutes, but it is not normal.

    Actually, this is kind of new for me, I have lived in cold climates all my life but this year is the worst for this reaction so I suppose it just means my condition is getting worse.

    I have also noticed a similar "overreaction" when I get into the shower - I can barely tolerate warm water, much less hot water, I have to ease into it very slowly but even so when I first get in I can barely breathe. I squeal like a little girlyboy. That goes on for several minutes. Similar thing for cold water, like a swimming pool, but it almost seems worse when I am warming up as opposed to cooling down.

    Is this typical of Fibros? Does anyone else here experience this?

    Is THIS YEAR worse than others? - because it is a cold winter, or because your personal condition is worse?

    Does this relate to Dr. Light and the "Sensory Pain" theory? {i think so!}

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