Temperpedic adjustable bed equals huge pain relief, incredible sleep!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    Just wanted to weigh in on the sleep issue, I used to have to sleep in my recliner due to the fact that laying flat hurts my spine, unbearable pain, not an option. Sleeping on my side is too painful on my hips, even on my Temperpedic, however, on my back with legs at highest elevation relieves my spine 100% of pain and with my head elevated just a bit (I do have a C-PAP machine I also must use due to sleep apnea) but I am in perfect comfort and in absolutely no pain in my adjustable bed. If you want to know if this is the answer for you, go to a Furniture Store & try laying on an adjustable or try this at home: Lie down flat on your back on your bed. Have someone lift up your legs together slowly so you are bent at the hips. It is also the most healthy position we can be in as then our feet are above our heart which is great for circulation. It honestly changed my life when I was able to switch over from a flat bed.

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  2. elliespad

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    I could have written your post. I use an adjustable bed with a memory foam topper. I position mine almost the same as you. Takes the pressure off the lower back. The only other way I am comfortable is on a very thick air mattress.

    I too use a CPAP and also cannot sleep on my hips at all. Amazing coincidence.

    Some one actually gave me this bed. Until I got it, I had been sleeping propped up on my couch for about 15 years.
  3. JaciBart

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    Honestly, Another way to try & know if this is the answer for you......lie down on the living room floor and put an ottomon under your knees. Lay on your back and any way you have of bending AT THE HIPS to elevate your feet/legs, uo on a couch or chair, if this position takes a tremendous amount of pressure off your spine, then adjustable is what you need. Cannot afford one??? They make a wedge pillow, it is triangular shaped and the trick is to put the highest end right below your bum. Or roll up a blanket or bedspread and put it right below your bum and sleep Those wedge pillos can be purchased thru medical supply places, even Walmart I bet in the pharmaceutical area or, of course, look online.

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  4. rosemarie

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    I like the intellibed that is also adjustable, the biggest problem for me is the cost as it is over $ 6,099.00 and that is W A Y out of my price range. I can't afford the intellibed in a king sized as it is over $2,000 and also out of my price range. It is my dream bed but it will have to wait till I can dream up the money to buy it. I am glad that you found the bed that works best for youl
  5. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    I have drooled over an adjustable Tempurpedic for years now and unless I win the lottery, it's going to be a few more years. My spine doc said my back wasn't "bad enough" for an adjustable bed (yeah, well it isn't HIS spine that hurts, is it?) and so I wouldn't get any help from insurance unless I was inching along the floor like a caterpillar. Some day...some day...

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