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    hi, does anyone have the temperpedic mattress? we bought ours about 3 years ago, and my husband loves it, but i just don't seem to be comfortable, no matter where i sleep. the recliner feels the best right now. i was thinking of getting the cuddlewe, can someone tell me about the experience, they have had using cuddlewe.
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  2. about 4 years ago, and never slept a single night better on it, and was really really bummed.....considering the $$$ for it..

    I'd really really hoped it would help, since I have no idea where to even look for a tempurpedic mattress, nor the cost range....but I hear they are pretty exspensive, but, if worth the money, my husband and I both drool at the infomercials, LOL and someday would love to look into one, even if we'd have to take out a loan on one of those babies! LOL (do they do a payment plan?? LOL)

    I've yet to see a single store carry/advertise those beds??

    Anyways,....I don't know if anyone else here has any luck with Cuddlewes or not, hubby & I even bought mine when we bought an entire new bed... no luck. We didn't buy an exspensive bed, but, a brand new mattress & boxspring..

    I just don't sleep well.. :-( I have terrible hips & a bad neck, and now my shoulders have started to ache pretty bad as well, but my hips have been bad since I was 18, so near 10 years now..

    Best of luck to you in your pursuit of a decent nights sleep,