Temporal Lobe Dysfunction?????

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    Hey to all my buddies!
    Years ago, after having a couple of Grand Mal seizures, I had an EEG/CAT scan done. This was either in the late 70's or early 80's and the findings read as follows: abnormal CT/EEG. Temporal loble dysfunction/low seizure threshold.
    Now, back then, I do not believe I followed up on this and the doc said to avoid triggers such as bright lights, strobe lights, flashing lights, watching TV in the dark, sunny,snowy days without sunglasses, etc.
    My question at this late date is, why do I have this? What can cause this? Was it from my first hubby helping me to fall down a flight of stairs causing a concussion? Was it because my mother drank like a fish her entire pregnancy? Was it because I weighed 2 lbs.@ birth? Was it anything I did or is it a congenital thing? I wasn't wise enough to ask these things then, but I want to know now. I have very little tolerance for the lights, still, and I can easily be overly-stimulated by people, crowds, noises, smells, movement, etc. Is this related? I still have a low seizure threshold and I have myoclonic jerks often. What all does this mean to you guys? I have seen a neurologist for my back problem lately, but he couldn't answer my questions about this or treat it because insurance was paying him to treat my back issues, not this. I know I could make an appt. to see him for this, but money is an issue right now. (or lack on money, thereof!)
    Do any of you know why we have temporal lobe dysfunctions and what happens when we have them?
    Love you much!
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    don't know alot about it, but I have a friend who has left temperal lobe epilepsy. Adult onset 8 years ago.
    Nothing appeared to cause it, no head trauma, or past history of seizures of any kind... So I think it can be really hard to tell what 'triggered' it off.

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    There are many diseases disorders and syndromes associated with this...finding. Here is an article---too long so I snipped, on some that have this dysfunction, which they are linking to immune dysfunction



    "the syndrome results from dysfunction in a system of bilateral neural structures that includes the ring of mesolimbic cortex located in the mesial frontal and temporal lobes, the neostriatum, and the anterior and medial nuclear groups of the thalamus." (Noteworthy, is that much emphasis is put on the medial temporal lobe).

    In adolescents and adults, this dysfunction may manifest itself as CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome), ADHD, and various other atypical auto-immune disorders associated with neuro-immune dysfunction. In older children, it is seen as variants of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) / ADHD. And in younger children/infants, it appears as autism, autistic syndrome and PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder).
    One patient had high serum herpes simplex titers.

    Schizophrenia is another--where temporal lobe dysfunction is found.

    I, too Kady have very little tolerance for lights, and I can easily be overly-stimulated by people, crowds, noises, smells, movement. TV in the dark is out of the question, with all the flashing. Large department stores with the movement, noise, bright lights are another trigger. I have had very severe myclonic jerking on a regular basis since the onset of fm/cfs, until being put on klonopin. My limbs, upper trunk, head, neck, and face were very much involved. Speech became jagged if that makes sense. It was very similar in what I have seen in "pre full blown seizures". I believe it is a neuro-immune dysfunction.


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    Which is an anti-seizure, anti-spasmodic medication has really helped with my sensory overload. I can slip 1/4 of a tablet under my tongue and in very short order, the edgyness and anxiety settle down. All my senses are messed up and certain lights in stores, along with noise, make me want to run out. On several occasions, I have left a buggy in Wal-Mart because even with the Klonopin, the noise of children, the PA system, and the hideous lights drove me outside.

    The Klonopin has helped greatly with anxiety/panic attacks, tinnitus, and sleep. It is also effective for RLS, muscle spasms, and my TMJ. Many have benefitted from this drug or Neurontin, but like everything else, it doesn't work for everyone.

    Klonopin, like many drugs which work in the brain to affect the overfiring or misfiring of neurons or which affect brain chemistry, is a somewhat heavy hitter drug and not something to be taken lightly. Like everything else we take, each of us must decide for ourselves by weighing the benefits versus the potential risks.

    For me, it has been a God send.

    Love, Mikie
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    From the neurofeedback doctor I gather this much about the problem (fits in with layinglow's interesting snippet): In people with CFIDS and related disorders (I think ADD and autism fit here also) the frontal lobes for some reason (viral, heavy metal, pesticides) stop working properly, most probably due to lack of oxygen in that part of the brain. The temporal lobes then take over functions of the frontal lobes, are subsequently overworked and start their dysfunctional behaviour, showing itself most clearly in noise and light sensitivity.
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    could you give us the source of your snippet of medical research? I'd be very interested in that. (I've found that medication / detox that works for chemically sensitive autistic children works for me, too, so this is a nice confirmation.)
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    I wonder how long these testing places keep
    records. I was given and EEG when I was about
    12 years old, I had a long history of "fainting
    spells" as a child, which were actually seizures. I had one in the doctors office which
    is what got the test ordered. I wasn't told what
    the test results were and when I asked my mother
    a few years ago before she died, she said she
    couldn't remember. I found that odd and I am her
    only child and I KNOW I'd remember had it been
    our daughter, however I had the last one when I
    was 31, so I've been over 20 years without one
    though I've felt close to it a few times. I had
    the symptoms of epilepsy since I smelled an
    almost amonia type smell, then a red flash across my whole forehead and then would go out.
    My eyes would roll up into my head and I would
    seize for 5 minutes or so. My husband witnessed
    the last one I had so that's how I know. Do you
    have symptoms anything like this? Very curious.
    Hugs, Bambi
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    I took Klonopin about two or three years ago for RLS and it helped me so much. I became severely depressed and the doc I saw thought it might be R/T the long-term usage of Klonopin, so she took me off of it. I never thought it was related, because I have SAD and am easily depressed, anyway, but I stopped it as asked. I wish I hadn't.
    In 1973, 1974 and 1975, I had pre-eclampsia and took Valium throughout my pregnancies to prevent seizures and to control my RLS (which we didn't know what to call) and it helped so much. Interestingly enough, my mother took DES with all five of her pregnancies~~three infants survived, but we were all low birth weight and I was just two pounds. In 1955, that was serious. I always thought that my dx. of carcinoma-in-situ and cervical dysplasia was R/T the DES. I had my uterus removed in 1975 after my son was born....I was 20 years old.
    It hit me like a light bulb when these replies came in to this post R/T autoimmune disorders and temporal lobe dysfunctions~~I never associated this brain problem of mine with any of my problems: chronic angioedema/urticaria, FMS, MPS, CFIDS, depression/anxiety disorder.........it probably is all related, isn't it? Sad.