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Temporary, partial blindness.

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I just woke up a little while ago.....it's 12:20 am here. As I opened my eyes, I realized that I could hardly see out of my left eye....all was very dim..dark. My right eye was normal. I felt nearly blind in my left eye. It scared me to death. I've never had this happen before. I wear glasses for reading and such...but not all the time. I got up sort of panicky. I forced myself into the soft lamp lighting of the livingroom, and gradually, my eye sight returned in my left eye.

Has anyone had this happen? Is this another Fibro symptom? Is this something else?

Now I am afraid to go back to sleep. I don't want to wake up blind....or even partially blind.:-(


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I've had 3-4 since my DD has flared up last year. I don't get a headache with it, and they seem to come from nowhere, lasting about 20min. I've had them in both eyes, and just in one. Dr. said if I think one may be coming to grab a soda or a coffee, as caffeine often heads it off. Please go to the eye dr. and tell them though. I was terrified too. HTH


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Years ago, I started having slight shoulder pains that I ignored, assuming it was stress or overwork. Then, I began waking up with one eye "browned out". I could see dimly or not at all. It went away after an hour or so, and it could be either eye. After a few days of this, I managed to get in to see a doctor. Thus began the series of tests and lack of answers that finally led to the diagnosis of FM. I seldom have this symptom now.

Definitely have this checked! It may not be FM at all. There are many things that doctors tested me for because of my eye problems. However, it could turn out to be FM. The eye has muscles that are used to focus and FM can effect them. At least, that's what I was told happened to me.

Best of luck. I hope this turns out to be nothing. Robbie


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My aunt w/fibro had a similar situation.Not to alarm you,but get it checked immediately.Her dock said it was a circulatory (blood vessel) type thing.(had nothing to do with fibro.She is now blind in that eye.Please get it checked now. KEN


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Just curious as to if you are on any medication that might be causing your problems. I recently discovered that Effexor was giving me blurry vision and since tapering off my vision has improved. It is not back to the way it was before, but better since stopping the effexor. What meds are you taking?


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I do this ocassionaly,it is due from cutting off circulation from the affected eye by sleeping on that side to long.This usually happens to me if I am really tired and sleep very sound.But it only happens while I am sleeping on my stomach.

My eyes are affected by the fibro I think the lining behind the eye is what is the problem.It can affect every nook and cranny.If I apply pressure to my eyes I begin to see alot of bright and flashing lights.This is worse when my eyes are hurting or really sore.

I have very dry eyes and blink constantly due to all the burning.When I wake up they are really red and irratated until I apply drops to them.I look as though I have been out on an all night drunk lol!!!


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Mine flipped and the guy behind me ran over my head. I lost my vision for a week. It was very scarey but he had ran over the lower back side of head where the eye nerves meet and had buised them. Have you hurt your head in that area.

If the problem presist please see your doctor, it may not be FM.


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Yes, I sleep on my stomach and on my side. I can't get to sleep on my back. I tend to have great diffculty with my hands getting tingly and going numb at night....and sometimes my lips go numb too. This has happened for years and is part of my fibro. However, if I lay on my back....even though I can't get to sleep, my hands, and face/lips don't go numb.

I have very dry eyes too. They are very sensitive to light and sensitive to anything really. They will itch and try to tear up several times a day. Yep, I can see lights, patterns and stuff too. That has been with me for years. I have felt my vision changing a lot in a short time....like i need new glasses/prescription already...and I just had one last year. However, I've never had my vision go dim..near to blindness in one eye like that.



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I have wondered if any of meds are the cause of my eye problem too.

My meds are as follows (I keep them on file now because I can't remember them otherwise)

Zanaflex 4mg at night
Klonopin 1mg at night
Remeron 30mg at night
Zonegram 200mg at night
I was recently on Lexapro 20mg at night (but got off it due to adverse reactions)

Hyoscyamine 0.125mg as needed For IBS
Lomotil 2.5/0.025mg as needed For IBS

Provigil 200mg in morning and at noon
Lorcet 10/650 4 times a day..plus one at bedtime
Parafon forte 500mg 4 times a day
Ultram 50mg three times a day (but I don't take it much due to already taking the Lorcet)


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I just talked to my Doc...finally...I know I am slow. She is setting up appt. for some major lab work and x-ray/MRI sort of stuff. She will call me back this afternoon. She is not worried, but definitely wants it checked out.