tempur-pedic mattress

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by snapple, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. snapple

    snapple New Member

    Would appreciate any feedback on anyone who has used this mattress.
  2. silkyblues

    silkyblues New Member

    I have been sleeping on a tempur for close to a year now......It is the best purchase that we ever made.
    I tried egg creats, feather beds and a Ewe pad. I even put a feather bed on top of my tempur but removed it.
    Now I still have pain when I lay down but this bed is the most comfortable mattress that I have ever ever slept on!
    I do have one suggestion...I bought both the bottom and top mattresses. I feel that all you need is their top foam mattress. I could be wrong but it is something to check into.
    I have had fibro for 10 years and most of the time I have been in search of a soft place to lay down. I won't go any where cause I can't take my bed with me. LOL
  3. Kimberlysue

    Kimberlysue New Member

    I bought a tempur-pedic bed about a month ago. I love it, would not trade it for anything. Most places give you a 90 day trail, if you don't like it they will come get it at no cost to you with 100% money back. My husband goes on over night business trips and I won't go with him anymore because I don't want to leave my great bed.
  4. whitesnow

    whitesnow New Member

    I have been sleeping on a Tempur-pedic for two and one/half years. It is absolutely wonderful. Just molds around your body and is heavenly! They are expensive,but worth every penny.
  5. ramblinrose

    ramblinrose New Member

    I purchased one about a month ago and hate to sleep anywhere else. I bought the pillows about a year ago and it certainly helps with neck and shoulder aches.

    they are expensive, but worth it.
  6. jackiesmum

    jackiesmum New Member

    I've had one for a long time now and it is amazing, only thing is it is the only mattress that I get Some sleep on, so visiting is difficult- reading all night basically!
    take care Lynda C.