Tempurpedic Bed?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scarletstang, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. scarletstang

    scarletstang New Member

    Does anyone have a Tempurpedic bed? I know they are very expensive. I just purchased new bedding and I thought my old bedding was the problem. The new Serta isn't helping much. I have multiple problems, fibro, spine, neck fusion, etc. Thanks for any help or comments.
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    My massage therapist told me that today.

    I don't know if you are where the Original Mattress Factory is...they are not in every state. Their top of the line is for people with problems like FM. It is not as expensive as it sounds since they skip the middle man. If you are one state over, they may deliver to your area.

    I just love this mattress. It can be a little warm in the middle of the night but the pros well outweigh the cons. My hubby loves it too.

    I learned about them when my son got married and his mother in law bought them a mattress from there

    My 2Cents

  3. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I don't have a tempurpedic, but we just got a Sleep number bed (gift) -
    I never really realized HOW much difference a good bed could make.

    My Mom has cervical fusion as well and has a Sleep Number - loves it - pricey as well unfortunately. You have to watch for sales.

    I took a three hour nap yesterday. That is unheard of for me. I thought I was sleeping on a cloud - or in a 5 star hotel!
  4. SolSerenade

    SolSerenade New Member

    through a govt. program (Independent Living?) I got a Tempurpedic bed ... I had already purchased one of their pillows - the combination is unbelievable! Even the pillow alone, I was having "longer sleep before pain woke me".

    The entire bed though -- just awesome - not sure what the cost was, but sleep being so important, knowing what i know now, I would definitely invest in one regardless of the cost and/or who i had to rob to come up with the bread.

    Going to sleep is such a pleasure - especially when the room temp. is a bit colder, the bed/pillow is more firm, and softens with your body heat to cradle you in comfort.
  5. forgetfullme46

    forgetfullme46 New Member

    I don't have tempur bedding but I did try it out and it was definitely too hard to this sensitive body of mine. I have a Serta as well which I purchased about 2 years ago and it is the only place I want to be these days. I love my bed. Of course I can't remember what degree of firmness it is but I did try the tempurpedic one and it was not flexible enough.
  6. scarletstang

    scarletstang New Member

    I guess I will check out both, i.e., Sleepnumber also. I can only sleep on one side; it's been that way for years. Yes, you do learn sleep is priceless.
  7. scrappnmom

    scrappnmom Member

    I have one and I Love it! It has really helped me. I highly recommend them.

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