Ten Reasons to Try Dahn Yoga

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    If you don’t already practice yoga on a regular basis, you almost certainly know someone who does. Many different forms of yoga practice exist, from traditionally based forms, such as Hatha yoga, to more trendy manifestations, such as Bikrams and Power Yoga.

    One of the most rapidly growing forms of yoga is Dahn Yoga, which is based in the mind-body training techniques of ancient Korea. Although the practice almost died out, it has been more recently resurrected by Ilchi Lee, who began teaching the practice in a Korean park twenty years ago. From there, the practice expanded into a world-wide system of holistic health centers. Currently, there are over 600 Dahn centers in the world, 150 of which are in the United States.

    Dahn Yoga differs from other forms of yoga in its emphasis on energy and its flow through the body. The goal is to open up the energy system to release stress and stimulate healing in the body. Practitioners report great increase in energy levels and improvement in overall health.

    Can Dahn Yoga alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia? Dr. Jessie Jones, a professor of Health Science at California State University, Fullerton, who studies the benefits of exercise for FM sufferers, says that it can. She says, “Mind/ body movement is important to reduce symptoms associated with FM and to reduce the downward spiral cycle associated with physical inactivity.” As a fibromyalgia sufferer herself, she has found reduction in pain, fatigue, stiffness, and depression through her Dahn Yoga practice. Additionally, she claims to have gained more clarity of mind and greater energy level through the practice.

    Here are ten reasons why you might consider giving Dahn Yoga a try:

    1. Muscle/Tendon Fitness: Dahn Yoga moves every joint and stretches every muscle from head to foot. Also, it is a gentle form of yoga that is appropriate for almost any fitness level, even for those with limited mobility. Through Dahn Yoga, you can understand and slowly overcome your physical limitations, rather than struggling to conform to extreme postures.

    2. Better Sleep: Dahn Yoga practitioners learn practical ways to calm and focus the mind through meditation and breathing techniques. Improvement in sleep patterns is one of the most widely reported and most immediate benefits of Dahn Yoga.

    3. Stress Relief: Practitioners gain highly effective methods of stress management. By focusing on the energy system of the body, you can learn to release tension from the body and to handle stressful situations in less self-destructive ways.

    4. More Energy: The Dahn Yoga system is based on ancient theories about the movement of Ki, or life energy, through the body. As practitioners learn to feel and understand the movement of Ki in the body, energy flows more fluidly through the body.

    5. Emotional Stability: Friends and family often report to Dahn Yoga practitioners that they seem calmer and more even-tempered. Practitioners learn to release negative emotions and to create a more positive, pro-active mindset while modifying burdensome emotional patterns.

    6. Better Focus and Concentration: Easy-to-follow Dahn meditation techniques help to calm and clarify the mind. Practitioners learn to filter out the “noise” of everyday life to focus on what is really most important to them.

    7. Improved Intestinal Function: Dahn Yoga instructors will help you learn to release tension from the intestines and abdominal organs, which will help to improve digestion and to eliminate accumulated waste products from the intestinal tract.

    8. Holistic Health Community: In the Dahn Centers, you will find a network of people from around the world who are committed to improving their health through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

    9. Personal Empowerment: Dahn Yoga instructors truly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal. As you begin to understand the strong connection between body and mind, you will gain a positive mindset that will help you to face and overcome challenges.

    10. Smile More! In Dahn Centers, you will find a lot of smiling faces, and you will be encouraged to smile more. Why? Because smiles heal. Many studies have confirmed that a positive mindset can have profound effect on a person’s ability to heal.

    So, consider giving Dahn Yoga a try. You may feel better in body, mind and spirit. As Dr. Jones says, “Dahn Yoga helps a person learn to focus within and to go beyond pain to feel and move energy throughout the body—to focus on the positive aspects of life.”


    By Nicole Dean
    ref: NFA Newsletter

    To find a Dahn Center in your area, visit www.dahnyoga.com or call 1-877-HSP-YOGA.

    Nicole Dean is a five-and-a-half year practitioner and instructor of Dahn Yoga who currently works as a holistic fitness writer and editor.

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    I've been wanting to try some very very gentle yoga but can't get to classes. Can anyone suggest a book or DVD that teaches something that would be easy for this CFSer to do?

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but maybe the answer may be on the website listed above or someone at the toll-free number may know. (www.dahnyoga.com or call 1-877-HSP-YOGA)

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    i tried this. i loved the concept and if i was healthy i woulda stuck with it.
    i couldnt do it. im too weak, i get to overheated for some reason and i have POTS so i couldnt hold my arms up too long and stuff.
    Im just not healthy enough.
    If you are healthy...go for it.

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