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    Hi, I keep reading about this TEN machine I don't know what this is. My pain is on a good day at a level 8 on a bad day off the charts.I have yet to find a med that can control it. Thanks,Michele
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    I had heard about a TENS Unit here on the boards and I requested a precription from my doctor and he approved it immediately. I have trouble sleeping at night due to RLS and I have noticed a decrease in my pain. I highly recommend one.

    Many members here use them and you can also use the search feature and pull up past post on these units.

    Tens Unit = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a form of electrical therapy which can be helpul in the management of pain. The form of electrical current is very low and safe and the unit consists of a TENS Unit with wire leads, electrodes, battery, charger and carrying case.

    The electrode pads are placed on the skin surrounding the most painful area. Most electrodes are self adhesive. The electrodes are then attached to the wire leads which are then plugged into the unit. The unit then gets turned on and the intensity of current is increased until a gentle tingling is felt. The unit can be used as few minutes or worn for several hours throughout the day.

    There are some general guidelines to use if you decide you want to try one;

    Do not use electrical pads on or around Neck, Eyes or Heart
    Do not use while bathing, showering, swimming or sweating
    Do not use if you are pregnant unless physician approves
    Do not use if you have a pace maker or have a history of heart attacks or high blood pressure.
    Do not use if you have metal plates or pins
    Do not use if you have diabetes
    Do not use while sleeping

    Hope this helps :)


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