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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by iowamom, May 6, 2006.

  1. iowamom

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    Hi all:

    Does anyone else have this problem? My arm pits are very tender; maybe it's just part of the whole rib/costochondritis thing?

    Also wondering: does anyone else struggle with a high triglyceride count? A friend recently diagnosed with IBS says both her triglyceride & cholesterol have decreased since taking Metamucil daily. I've been a little leary of taking it, as I know many people react to the psyllium it contains. Anyone else take this or another fiber supplement? So many of the chewable ones warn that they could cause choking and that people with difficulty swallowing shouldn't take them -- and that's me! So I'm looking at the ones that you add to water or juice, etc.
    Any feedback or advice about either of these issues?

    Thanks. I'm not a frequent poster but I like to check in from time to time. I work 4-5 hrs/day and drive 80 miles to/from work so I don't spend as much time online as I used to.

  2. claudiaw

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    wow, that's great you can still drive and work.:)

    Yes I get tenderness in the armpit, mine comes from knots in the shoulder blade area.

    My P.T. say's it hit's a nerve that goes under the armpit to the front of my chest/breast.

    For the longest I thought it was breast pain (I have cysts)but it was coming from the back!

    I have IBS, and fiber supplement's make it worse. I have to eat high fiber and drink a lot of water.

    The best fiber that causes no gas or digestion problems is glucomanan.

  3. Bunchy

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    Could be due to swollen and/or painful lymph nodes in that region.

    This is common in CFS - I had it for years but do not get that anymore.

    Get your doc to examine them - he will be able to feel if the glands are swollen.

    Love Bunchy x
  4. kriket

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    mine do this when I have a bad flare. I think it's swollen lymph glands also. They are very tender.

  5. ilovepink4

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    i agree that it is lymph nodes...they swell when i overdo it....it feels so gross...it used to be worse...i think that since i am on oral pain meds and the pain patch, i don't notice the pain and swelling as much...

  6. iowamom

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    Thanks to all who responded. I will check out the lymph gland idea at my next dr's appointment and look into the other fiber supplement suggestions. My chiro has recommended flax seed but I haven't tried it yet.

    I too am glad that I can still drive & work. Unfortunately, the rest of my life doesn't amount to much. I must rest and do as little as possible in the evenings and on the weekends in order to have any energy at all. I often feel like I'm living just to work. I'm on pain meds during the day and have to time them around the trips to & from work -- hard to do. I also have a TENS unit that I use a lot at work.