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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamela, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. pamela

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    I was wondering if your tender points can come and go? Some days I ache all over and i'll have shooting, stabbing pains in my arms, legs, feet and back. Also in my chest area. Also my wreck damage is mostly on the right side and the pain is mostly there. Does FMS also make your wasit area hurt and ache? Like where you can grab your side where your jeans would go up to? Just need to know..would make me feel better.. Thanks Pamela
  2. nefran5

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    No, my tender points do not change. What changes are the broader areas of pain, such as upper arm, hip, certain joints, shoulder areas, calf and so on. It stays awhile in these broader areas and then suddenly is off and over to a new location. I'm used to it. Massage does not make the pain go away, but I sleep better afterward...
  3. bre_ann

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    but it's best to have it checked by your dr. to make sure. I have sore/tenderness all over my body, not just where the 18 tender spots are located. I had my dr. press on most of these areas last time I saw him as he really hadn't addressed that before. I wanted to make sure he thought it was the fibro and not something else. He made me feel better by telling me some people just have more than others and that it was the fibro. I have a weird chest feeling that has cropped up in the past year that worried me but as yet haven't gotten any worse and don't feel that bad with it, and have made my dr. aware of it but he thinks that's fibro related as well. It helps to know, yes, that's just the fibro but you shouldn't blame every pain you feel on it. It could be something else that there is medical treatment for.