tender skin and sore spots

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    sometime this morning I all of a sudden started having like a tender spot.. just up under the elbow.. not near the bone but around the fleshy part of the skin.. Anyone ever have that? Its so annoying.. it doesnt really feel in the muscle.. At least I dont think.. Guess will check it out with the Dr tomorrow but was just there last wednesday for over getting my nails done.. and my blood pressure was up.. but it went down to normal before I left.
    So I hate to have to make another trip there. unless I have to..
    but anyways.. Just wondering if anyone ever just has their skin feel tender and sore.. in that area. maybe I lifted something and didnt realize it and that pressure point . and or in the muscle area got pulled or whatever.. but it hurts!.. it even kind of get like a stinging sensation, like every so often...
    Thanks in advance to any that answer this post..
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    Its hard to know exactly where you mean, but I think what you are experiencing could be a myofascial trigger point/fms tender point. In my view, much of these conditions is in the skin which can cause the muscular reactions. I don't believe FM/CMP are really conditions of the muscle. Much of what we describe as tight, aching muscles are just the tender spots over different muscles, but the source of the pain is actually very shallow - between the top of the skin and the surface of the muscle. The problem with the description of the condition as muscular is that we can have tender points even over areas where there is no muscle. And yes, I do have them too.

    Good luck.
  3. i have this too msbrandywine its extremely painful when touched isnt it.maybe its part of this fibromyalgia .what isnt i ask myself these days.i hope my doctor never wants to stick a needle in there because its a DEFINATE NO..dont even press it says i.

    kind regards
  4. MsBrandywine

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    it is hard to really pinpoint .. exactly where.. and yeah.. it is like just in the skin area.. now this morning it isnt so bad but have other places that hurt.. I hate this DD..
    I hope you all have a good day