tendinitis in multiple sites

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    I was diagnosed with fibro 6 years ago. I take Ultracet two or three times a day which seems to help control my pain, however, in addition to the muscle tenderness I also keep having bouts of tendinitis. First it was tennis elbow, then trigger thumb. Now my trigger thumb is back, and I have tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. Is this just another manifestation of fibro? Does anyone else suffer from generalized tendinitis?
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    I have dealt with this for years. But I also have degenerating discs in my lower back and neck, and I think some of the pain I've been dealing with has to do with the residual pain, and the nerve pain from my neck.

    For instance, I was diagnosed with tennis elbow several years ago, because my arms, especially around the elbows, were SO tender I could hardly touch them! And it hurt to comb my hair, brush my teeth, etc. Well, after doing all the things I was told to do for that, nothing improved.

    Finally, I convinced my PCP to do some x-rays, which showed degeneration in my neck. Then an MRI showed that the degeneration was bad enough to warrant a fusion of my cervical spine. It didn't help the nerve pain in my arms, but it did stablize that area of my spine.

    What I'm trying to say, is that sometimes the pain is actually coming from the neck. If I were you, I'd check and see if you can get some x-rays to make sure you're not dealing with degeneration, also.

    That way, you can at least be given a treatment based on the REAL cause of the pain!

    One other thing-we DO have trigger points and tender points in those areas, as well, and they may be flaring with the fibro. So many things to consider, huh?? Good luck! PG
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    take a look at the post about chronic myofascial pain this might be your problem. goodluck charlene
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    I suffered with tendonitis for almost 12 years almost nonstop only varying in severity. Achilles tendon treated by some electronic waves...the name for this escapes me now. I would hobble in, barely creeping and be able to walk out but the ache and burn was still there. Wrists would both end up in splints, elbows, thumbs etc all complained.

    I had a friend suggest cherry juice. yeah yeah yeah. I thought that wont work for my severe case considering all the heavy duty things my docors had tried. Only prednisone worked on me and I hated taking steroids. Well the next time I saw her I was convinced I would try it.

    I drank cherry juice, tart red is the best but the dark cherry works too. (tart red syrup you need 2 tablespoons the dark cherry syrup you need 1/4 cup) and as she said the third day I was pain free.
    sounded way too simple but I was a beleiver! Truly was the ONLY thing that had ever put out the fire entirely for good.

    I ordered my cherry juice online from Brownswood acres. You can also often find it at a health food store.

    Truly is worth a try.
    best wishes
  5. charlenef

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    i ll try anything for my pain. charlene
  6. gnanny

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    I kept losing my satellite signal and couldnt get online to reply.

    I hope this brings you some relief. Fairly inexpensive, nontoxic and pretty fast acting as far as natural remedies go.

    I hope day number 3 finds you with less pain.

    take care, stephanie

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    I replied so late. the board moves fast.
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    I, too, have tendonitis in multiple sites. Also, bursitis.
    Both shoulders, left elbow, left thumb wrist, and over the years, achilles tendons.

    Only time my soft tissue pains went away, was while I was doing Heparin injections for hyper-coagulation. Really quite amazing. Didn't affect joint pain, but muscle and tendon pain, GONE, COMPLETELY! Only stayed on the injections for one month and muscle/tendon pain gradually returned. Am seeing that doctor next month, will be sure to mention to him.
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    I am going to have to find some of that Cherry Juice! I too have been suffering from tendonitis in my arms and legs - just had an injection into my knee a week ago. Thanks for the suggestion - it still amazes me how there is always someone here that has "been there, done that"!

  10. wacquiebob

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    Yes, you are not alone. I have had tendinitis in multiple sites also. I had tennis elbow, wrist tendinitis, and knee tendinitis so bad that I could not sit down at all and had to be started on low dose narcotics until I could get some physical therapy. I had/have achilles tendinitis and also had iontophoresis therapy (electrodes with steroids) for a long time until the electrodes burnt my skin. I am now in a cast because one of my Achilles tendons ruptured and had to be surgically repaired. Try to stretch some and Hang in there!