Tendinosis, Anyone?

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    My physical therapist told me today (June 9) that he thinks I have rotator cuff *tendinosis*, not tendinitis. Whereas tendinitis involves inflammation and is likely related to an acute injury, he says tendinosis is the result of repeated "mini-injuries" to the tendons and of cellular problems, including abnormalities in the collagen that makes up the tendons. (I found a very interesting web site about tendinosis, in case anybody is interested. I think it's the first one that shows up in a Google search on "tendinosis.")

    The upshot is that my PT says there isn't much more they can do for me, that I should just avoid the activities that seem to aggravate the pain and do gentle stretching and strenghthening exercises, than try for another referral to PT if things aren't better in a few months.

    I was wondering whether anybody else has ever heard of tendinosis. One interesting thing at the web site is that I recognized some terms I've seen mentioned on this board. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that aome things that were being recommended here for treating fibro would aggravate the tendinosis problems (and maybe the reverse).

    Just what I needed--*another* chronic condition! What a pain (quite literally)!

    --Laura R.M.

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    I have what my PT calls adhesions that have caused my frozen shoulder - never heard of tendinosis but maybe they are similiar. My PT did work on it that hurt like heck and in my opinion wasn't helping and after 4 months of drueling therapy they stopped because I only improved about 50% - I don't think they knew what they were doing since not familiar with FM. Actually my range of motion has gotten a little better since they stopped so I was right. I still do stretches but not so much that it hurts. I will check out the site. I agree...another chronic condition in addition to FM is the pits!


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    I don't think tendinosis is the same as frozen shoulder. Tendinosis apparently has to do with cellular changes and changes in the collagen that makes up the tendons. It sounds as if frozen shoulder has to do with adhesions. I don't really know enough to be sure whether they're related, however.

    --Laura R.M.

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    Just bumping this message up in hopes of getting some responses.

    --Laura R.M.