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    I have a few questions regarding levaquin. Is it given through and IV or pill form? The reason I ask is that I had surgery in March for what was suppose to be a bone spur, then when they got into my shoulder they found I had a torn rotator cuf. After I was home a few weeks I got this huge infection in one of the holes where they did the surgery, Looked like a big boil or ulcer. They took a culture and found out that it was MRSA. They put me back in the hospital and opened all three of the incisions to clean them out. Was sent to an infectious disease doctor who had me on IV's twice a day of 1200 mg of Zyvox for 4 weeks. I was off the Zyvox for about 2 weeks and got another infection. Which I still have. We are packing it with medicated gauze, and have been for about 2 weeks. I just can't seem to kick this thing. Not sure of all the antibotics I was given before and after surgery. I also had 3 cortizon shots before I ever had my surgery and a friend said that her doctor told her after her cortizone shots she would need to wait 6 months before she had surgery are she could get an infection.... Looking for answers because the Doctor seems to be at a lose. I say all of that to ask it anyone has seen are had anything like this and do you thing it could be related to levaquin.
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    Levaquin can defninitely call tendon rupture. I've read it in the pharmacy info sheets and my Rheumatologist said it does cause joint pain and the like in many of his patients.

    Personally, I had a very bad psychiatric/CNS response to 4 pills of Levaquin in early 2003. I have reason to believe that a similar reaction to Cipro (same Quinolone family) caused Lupus/Vasculitis of my brain.

    You need to check out www.drugvictims.org. There is a link to a forum strictly devoted to people suffering all kinds of ailments from Levaquin, Cipro and other antibiotics of the Quinolone family.

    keep us posted!