tendon pain?

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    well thankfully I got my plaster off saw a physio last Fri to help move my wrist after 6 weeks in plaster.She massaged my wrist down my arm etc gave me exersises now I have the most excrusiating pain and do not want her to touch it again I have an app tomorrow. My query is it the fms or a result of the accident?
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    I'm sorry it's so painful. The pain is probably a little of each, the surgery and the FMS. As you know, I had a bicep tendon repair when it snapped and it was a year before I was "good as new." Of course, by six months, it was pretty close, but tendons do take a very long time to heal. Also, if any nerves are irritated during the surgery, they can stay inflammed a long time. I found ibuprophen to help the most with pain. After my last cast/splint came off, I had absolutely no strength in my hand. I couldn't grasp anything. Physical therapy really helped. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had wire to hold the bone together so there is probably damage from them I am so frustrated hubby has to go Pay for a haircut first in 40 yrs hes so nervous its so funny he is putting it off his hair is getting longer and he isn't the hippy type