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  1. herblady

    herblady New Member

    i have got this terrible case of tendonitis in my left elbow. this hurts SO much worse than arthritis. nothing helps the pain. i guess i have to get to my dr. and get some sort of treatment. this has been flaring up since june with no relief. nothing i have helps it. dang, i hate to have to go back to the dr. cindi
  2. herblady

    herblady New Member

    i have got this terrible case of tendonitis in my left elbow. this hurts SO much worse than arthritis. nothing helps the pain. i guess i have to get to my dr. and get some sort of treatment. this has been flaring up since june with no relief. nothing i have helps it. dang, i hate to have to go back to the dr. cindi
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    And I understand hating to go to the drs, but concentrate on the fact that you'll get some relief, and tendonitis is something the drs generally are familiar with, so at least they won't say it's all in your head...sorry, been reading lots of bad dr stories today, couldn't control the little sarcasm.

    I assume you've tried moist heat, thankfully mine responded to that, and didn't need to seek further treatment. And the msm was helping (from another post), then it stopped? Well, hopefully, the dr.s office will get you in soon.

    Best wishes, take care, and let us know how you make out. Michele
  4. barbtakeda

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    Hi Herblady,

    I suffered from chronic tendonitis in both elbows for 18 months. I recently went through round two of cortisone injections.....this time with an ortheopedic surgeon not my rheumatologist. Although the shots were extremely painful and I suffered approximately 2 weeks with excrutiating pain which recuperating from the injections, they were a miracle. I can bend my arms again, lift them up to blow dry my hair, type at the keyboard for more than 45 seconds with no pain, play the piano, paint again. What else can I say. When physio, icing, exercise didn't work these shots were a miracle. You might want to consider this.

    I'll remember you in my thoughts and prayers and you seek a solution to this horrible pain from tendonitis.[This Message was Edited on 08/29/2002]
  5. majic

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    sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. glad to see you out and doing better. when my elbow hurts from the tendo i use the heating pad. hope you feel better soon. majic
  6. Sindy-Uk

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    I have suffered from tendonitis in my left shoulder since 1993. I could not lift my left arm alot of the times. Finally in Feb 2000, I could not sleep on my left side any more(I have always mostly slept on my left side),I went to see a rheumatologist. She asked me how long I had had this problem, I said I had it for the last 7 years. She asked me why I took so long to go and see her. I said , I have had so many other important problems which I am trying to treat and this did not seem as important.
    Anyhow she gave me steroid injections 2 months apart, and I could not blieve the results. Almost for two years I had no pain. I went to get another injection 2 weeks ago, which has not had such a dramatic effect yet. Hopefully it will work soon. I am also suppose to exercise it as well, which I keep forgetting to do.

  7. LuvMeCritters

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    I have bursitis in my shoulders and tendonitis in my elbows. I can relate to your pain, but there is help. I got my first cortizone shot in my shoulder in 1995. Lasted until last year, then I got another. As the shot is being administered you feel a stinging, but relief from the pain is almost instantaneous. Good luck and see your doctor!

  8. herblady

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    thanks for the responses folks. but one thing i will never do again is go through another cortisone shot. i'll see if my dr. will send me back to physical therapy to have that machine thing done, you know with electric current. so soothing and works better than injections on me. back to the dr. at least my dr. takes my pain seriously. it could be worse. cindi
  9. Shirl

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    Have you tried taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin for tendonitis? It worked for my husband and myself with the shoulder pain. My husband had it bad in the elbow, it was gone in less then two weeks, and he has not gotten it back.

    We took; 'Joint Fuel' by Twinlab, but Pro Health also has a combination similar to this called; 'Xtra Strength' Glucosamine and Chondroitin. If you have the catalog its on page; 27. Comes in different strength and also a liquid.

    My husband had the shots, it stopped the pain for a few months and it came back. He decided to try what I took! He does not like needles, but thinks I am a nut with the supplements and herbs! But I made a believer out of him this time.

    Hope you get some relief soon, that is some awesome pain.

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. SAS

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    Hi Cindi,

    Tendonitis has plagued me for several years off and on. I had surgery on my left elbow and right wrist to ease the pain, but I love to quilt, and my right elbow acts up often. Are you left handed?

    Rather than heat, an ortho. doc. recommended icing the area a couple of times a day. Freeze some water in a paper cup, then just peel away some of the paper to expose the ice. Rub it briskly on the painful area (don't hold it on there or you will get frostbite), in a circular motion. It will go from cold to painful to numb. Once it feels numb you can stop, and then rest it. Put the ice back into the freezer for next time. It does help with the inflammation.

    Another thing that helps is a device I got at the drug store. It is sort of like an ace bandage, but it has a soft plastic pillow filled with air (called an air cast). Whenever I am going to really use my elbow like sewing, I wear it.

    Lastly and before surgery, my doc. gave me steroid injections. It eased the pain, but didn't cure the tendonitis.

    Hang in there. And, by all means, see your doc. It can be helped.

    Best of health,
  11. jedinvest

    jedinvest New Member

    Do you drink coffee? In my experience this is a no-no for tendonitis sufferers, especially if they also have CFS or FM.
  12. herblady

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    well i know those two work for rebuilding joints and i'm already taking glucosamine and msm although i've been out of msm for a week now. got to get some more. but i never read about it helping tendons. i worry about taking chondroitin because it is a blood thinner. i'll get some more msm later on. and yes i do drink LOTS of coffee. i adore my coffee, please tell me there's another way! lol. cindi
  13. Roz51

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    I have it real bad in my shoulder and I get 2 shots of cortizone about every 3 months. It feels great. Just a suggestion
  14. bubblegum

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    but it started in my right elbow and lasted for 8 months. Since Feb. it has been in both shoulders and my left elbow. I have had 3 injections which hurt like heck and my doc seemed to enjoy. I also get epidural injections in my back every six weeks. I wonder if they are loading me up with too much cortizone. I sympathize with anyone that experiences tendonitis. I hope you feel better soon cindi.
  15. herblady

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    thanx for your sympathy. i know i can't tolerate another cortisone shot. the pain is worse than having a baby. they'd have to knock me out. that machine at physical therapy does the same job but doesn't hurt, it's actually soothing. cindi
  16. herblady

    herblady New Member

    and if i supply the gun, who will volunteer to take me out and shoot me? maybe i should just stay doped up 24/7. cindi
  17. MicheleF

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    Your last message was at 3am?? Still having trouble with the time clock here.

    I did not want to have my last lap either, dreaded the recovery of 1st day--however, the several day I was in pain didn't come close to the lasting relief I got from the surgury...just a thought. If you do decide to go w/ the shot, ask your dr (or ER) if they use velvet's suggestion of novacaine; explain you have fms on top of everything else & research has shown our pain receptors are screwy (nice medical term, Michele). (I'd take in the article from the library here!)

    Nobody will volunteer to shoot you--you're too valuable to us w/ all your great info, not to mention your compassionate nature!! Hang in there! And keep us posted on how you're elbow is. Michele
  18. jedinvest

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    OK, I just wanted to know.

    I had the most severe case of tendonitis once that lasted for six months. I saw every doctor, both legitimate and shaman. Since I couldn't work, I went on a trip with a friend. We met a massage therapist/acupuncturist, actually the friend's relative. She told me 'Give up coffee. It is bad for tendonitis.' No one ever told me this before, even other acupuncturists and naturapathic doctors.

    Within one week I was practically back to normal. Within one month I was normal.

    Prescription: Buy the best tasting decafeinated coffee you can. Drink just that and depending on your addiction maybe a sip of real coffee for the first day. Then go cold turkey with decaf alone. Your tendonitis will go away.

    Then give up the decaf stuff, it is worst then real coffee on the nerves in my experience. I now drink 1 1/2 cups of mildly brewed coffee in the morning and that is all. I know my body won't tolerate any more.

    Now if you can tell me what to do about an inflamed shoulder, please let me know? This is its second day; if it is not gone by tomorrow I will follow my own recipe, except that at 1 1/2 cups there is really no addiction to deal with.

  19. herblady

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    when i had the cortisone shots, they put the lidocaine in LAST. can you believe it? first i have to go through all that apin and then have a numb foot afterwards. hubby the nurse said they do it that way to make sure the tissues get the cortisone before the lidocaine. but that's half assed backwards to me. may as well skip the lidocaine. geez. cindi
  20. MicheleF

    MicheleF New Member

    How's it feeling--any better? Lido after the shot...ask your doc if he was a dentist, would that mean he'd give you the novacaine after he drilled?? lol

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Remember I said moist heat worked for tendonitis before...tried that on the leg this week & dr said I had made it worse cause heat was increasing the swelling of the bursitis...told me to use ice instead & ibuprofen. Take care, Michele