tendonitis of both feet

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  1. JeanneH1

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    Hi. I'm new. Never posted before but I have been reading the posts for quite a while. I have FM & Sjogrens. Has anyone with FM had tendonitis?
  2. PVLady

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    Welcome to the board!! I have been here almost 3 years... It looks like you have been a member over 3 years...

    I do believe I've had episodes of tendonitis but not now. Most of the problem was in the arches of my feet.

    There are many people here with Sjogrens.

    How are you treating your fibromyalgia?

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  3. 143alan

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    Hurts like a son-of-a-gun all the time. My right ankle and most of the foot has been swollen for almost 2 years. I wear a brace to help with the pain and swelling. This did not flare up until the FM hit.

    Good luck with it, I know the pain you're in.
  4. elliespad

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    I have CFS and FIBRO and have chronic tendonitis in both shoulders, an elbow, and have had it in achilles tendon in the past. My feet, KILL, all the time. Don't know what to chalk that up to though.

    I've had cortisone injections a few times and it usually helps, when it is acute. Accupuncture also helps me a LOT, IF the tendonitis is ACUTE. If it's in chronic state, the accupunctue does nothing for me.. I have a lot of bursitis, so sometimes hard to tell one from the other. HOpe you get some relief for yours soon.
  5. JeanneH1

    JeanneH1 New Member

    Hi All, Thanks for your replies to my post. I am not taking anything for the FM except Darvocet & Valium for neck spasms & to sleep. I had the tendonitis in my feet 3 yrs ago for a couple of months and then gone!!. Now it's back with a vengance. it started in my right foot I went to a foot DR. after a month, did MRI found achilles tendonitis bone spur & osteo, wore a boot for 11/2 months then started up in the other foot now the tendons are both swollen & red & very painful. Dr tells me the only other thing is surgery. I"m looking for an alernative to that,if there is one.As you all know, because you've been there it's painful AND I'm getting a little grumpy. If there is anything elso to do. I'm open to anything. Thanks, Jeanne
  6. 143alan

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    I also have achilles tendonitis, osteoarthritis and bone spurs along with the tenosynovitis, etc all in the same foot. I've worn the brace for almost 2 years and it is not making any difference except to stabalize the ankle.

    To add to my mysery Wed. night walking back and forth to the kitchen to check on "The Bird" in the oven I tripped on a rug in the hall and rolled back the big toe on the same foot and it has gout in it along with a bunion so the bone below the toe sticks out like another toe. My son says I have funky feet. Hey! maybe that can be the sequel to the movie "Happy Feet". Anyway, I'm in some serious hurt and don't really know what to do. If it's broken there's nothing they can do about it and they'll tell me to see my ortho who won't do anything because he wants to operate on it. I'm facing back surgery within the next 30 days and can't afford to have my foot in a cast trying to recoup from back surgery.

    Any ideas for you question will help me and I'm sure others so I'll keep an eye out.
    Take Care
  7. Redwillow

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    Hi Jeanne

    I have FM and I also have problems with tendonitis. The tendons in my heels both really bother me. I am ok most of the time as long as I where shoes with no heels.

    Trouble is I live in Canada so I have to wear shoes and boots in the wintertime. It is hard to find anything that doesn't aggrevate the situation.

    I have also had tendonitis in my elbows and other joints. I wish I knew a solution. All this conditions really are miserable.

    hugs Redwillow
  8. JeanneH1

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    Hi Nancy, What type of brace do you wear & does it help. Did you get it from your primary or ortho? Jeanne
  9. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    Hi Jeanne
    My primary prescribed the brace when the swelling wouldn't go down. My ortho said that braces never work. My primary was right because as long as I wear it I have less swelling and pain and it seems to stabilize my ankle better. It's like wearing compression hose I can tell a BIG difference when I don't wear it. My problem with the brace is that because of the bunion and big toe problem on the same foot at times it will aggravate that.

    Take Care
  10. TXFMmom

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    If you are speaking of planter fascitis and tendonitis, then I just read a report regarding stretching to get relief.

    These researchers discovered that the patients need to cross one leg over the other and then take their hands and pull the toes on the crossed leg back toward their shin and hold it for a count of ten, release, and then repeat it again for ten repititions, three times a day.

    They found it sped up the healing process and cut the pain. I cannot cross my legs but I am trying the stretching of the toes back toward the shin, and it seems to help.
  11. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I'll try those stretching exercises. With so much else going on for me physically I have not had time to look up much info on this particular problem.

    Jeanne, maybe this can help you too.

    Of course, reaching my feet might be a little problem...LOL
  12. JeanneH1

    JeanneH1 New Member

    Hi, Thanks so much for your replies. I am going to try the stretches. I have been doing the stretching exercises that I was doing at PT. Still having a hard time with the one where you stand on your toes for a 20 count & then slowly go down on the one foot that is the worst. You can really feel it all the way up the back of your legs to the knees. That is where the tendon is tightened he told me. I'm trying it all including the ice packs.Take care, Jeanne