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    that is the play i am going to tonite..although since i did not sleep last nite i have been dozing on and off all morning and it is now 1:07pm.......yikes...it wil take me a few hours just to get going, shower etc...i have been in the hugess fog recently..i can not get any energy into my body..is it fall?is it the diet???low carbs??is it the gui???
    i have not a clue why i am so groggy....i guess the guai is working and i am in reverse gear...my sweetie just got home and can hardly believe i am still in pj's typing and looking like the cat dragged me in.....oh well..
    the only reason i got tickets for this is because ed asner, sharon gless and someone else big is in it...i can not remember a thing........and i just found out it is ed asner's bd today..yipee/....do i really care..................
  2. Rosiebud

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    I love going to theatre but dont make it much anymore, went to see a play in September, it was awful!!!

    I like Sharon Gless.

    Enjoy yourselves.

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