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    I'm planning a move to TN in a few months, and I'd like to know if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the TN doctors, clinics, and hospitals, based on your experiences???

    This is one thing I'm concerned about when I move, is I need to know who to avoid and not waste my time and money on (what little I get from barrowing from my father), and I need a doctor who really cares for us patients with CFS, FMS, and knows how to treat these diseases/illnesses.

    Fight :)
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    I see Dr. Orquia in Ooltewah (close to Chattanooga). He does not specialize in CFIDS/FMS, but he is a wonderful doctor who actually listens to me, and tries to help me, and find the best treatment/referalls for me that he can. That goes a long way with me, because I've had doctors who don't even acknowledge CFIDS/FMS.

    There is a wonderful rheumatologist - Dr. Craig. Several of my FM friends love him, and I've been to him a few times.

    The hospitals are like every where else in that the Drs. are just now learning about CFIDS/FMS, but the Drs. do seem kind enough.

    I've got to go get my daughter up for school; if I think of more, I'll post it here later. Have a wonderful day!

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    I see Dr. Simpson in Chattanooga (actually his office is in Hixson). He's a general practitioner. I like the fact that he "gets" FM/CFIDS and is willing to go off-label (I take gabapentin and just started LDN) and he's also big on vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

    I also had an excellent dr. in Nashville before I moved here.

    What part of Tennessee are you moving to?

    Lee Ann

    ETA: The Nashville area has absolutely wonderful medical care - Vanderbilt, Baptist, and St. Thomas hospitals are all excellent and there are many very good physicians in the area.[This Message was Edited on 01/26/2010]
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    Thank you! That's really comforting to hear that if and when I move to TN that at least I will know of some compassionate doctors who care and understand both FMS and CFS.

    Fight :)
  5. fight4acure

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    HI! Thanks for letting me know there are good doctors in TN.

    I'm not sure where I'm moving to, but I'll know soon, I hope!

    I need to move close to either Memphis or Nashville, I think, if I want to not travel so far to meet new friends and write lyrics and songs.

    Oh, am I so glad that Nashville has wonderful medical care systems!

    Do they also have clinics for those with no or low income?

    I am going to be applying for some light, easy jobs maybe at a radio station or a recording studio. Something that won't require much travel at all and will be limited in physical demand.

    Fight :)
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