Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TNdawn, Oct 19, 2005.

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    I am another one from Tennessee. I joined this board today. I am having a bad day and decided maybe that I needed to join a FM message board. I live in northeast TN. Kingsport. I work as a nurse part-time in Bristol. I have been diagnosed with FM,CFS,OA, and RA. There are alot more but I could go on and on. I was diagnosed with FM about 5 years ago, but best that I can remember how far back the pain went was at least 12 years, maybe longer. I have recently lost 40 pounds, hoping that this would help with my pain, especially the osteoarthritis. It has not helped at all, actually I feel like my pain is worse. I just turned 35, but feel as if I am 95 most days.
    I am glad I found this message board. I am looking forward to getting to know yall.
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    I used to work as a pediatric intensive care nurse in Lexington Ky. Now we live in middle TN. I am about to turn 37 and I swear my 95 year old Granny(by marraige) gets around better than I do and certaintly has a better concentration and memory! I could not work as a nurse the way I am now.
    This is a great board. Lots of support and answers.
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    Welcome, I'm in middle Tennesse. I can relate about the weight. I have been very overweight for years. This year I have lost 70 lbs (need to lose 50 more)hoping to feel better. I felt my weight had to contribute to my OA, degenerative discs, arthritis spurs and fibro. After all, it puts increased strain on our bodies.

    I also have reflux, ibs, and sleep apnea so I have a lot of reasons to lose weight.

    People keep telling me I look great and I just think I feel worse than I ever have. I can move better now and maybe I would feel worse if I had 70 lbs back on.

  4. stinker56

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    I am from Tennessee too but in the middle, about half way between Knoxville and Nashville just off I-40. I have had FMS at least since 1993 but only diagnosed in the last few years. I have OA,IBS and Marfan's Syndrome. Just had cataract surgery along with lens re-attachment which goes along with the Marfan's. I worked as a secretary for the past 13 years but had to quit in December of last year. I am in the process of applying for my disability. I already have the papers but I am waiting for my rheumatologist appointment in November. I also need to lose weight but even with not eating hardly anything I don't lose due to not being active enough. Just had that conversation with my GP. It really helps to read these messages and to know that you are not alone or "crazy" with this disease.

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