Tennis elbow anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nitalynn, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. nitalynn

    nitalynn New Member

    Needless to say I didn't get it playing tennis. How hard is it to get over? Thanks in advance.
  2. raingold

    raingold New Member

    Hi Nitalynn,
    YES!Sometimes my elbows give me a fit--especially one of them, but it's not tennis elbow--it's "golfer's" elbow (on the inside of the elbow, not the outside, which is tennis elbow.)
    The best cure is massage of the forearm to break up the adhesions. What is happening is, the muscles get adhered to each other in the forearm and cannot move freely. Therefore there is a strain on the attachments at the elbow which leads to inflammation, hence, tennis elbow, or tendonitis.
    If you can find a massage therapist who is also a certified sports massage therapist, they will be more apt to know what to do. It may take several visits to get it completely well. I had to take it in small doses. My immune system cannot handle that many toxins from the muscles, which happens with deep massage.
    There IS hope! Raingold

  3. Achy-shaky

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    Not sure which is worse but mine isn't truly from tennis started after getting trigger point therapy from a chiropractor so be careful who does the massaging!
    She says mine will take some work because of pinched nerves in cervical area - after a month of not getting better she admitted she must have pressed too hard causing the trigger point to set off other satelite triggers. I will be asking for the Lidoderm patch or something because it seems to be getting worse even though she has backed off and has been more gentle since.
    Nita...Thanks for the tip!
    Nitalynn...hope yours heals faster than mine. I'm not sure what timeframe is normal but then we are not exactly normal are we (HA!).
  4. raingold

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    In reply to the last message,I just want to say, be careful with the heat, it increases swelling and the pain is probably already from an inflammation. I WoUld suggest ice to decrease the pain and the swelling, if you can stand it. The place I was suggesting to have massaged was the forearm--by someone who knows what they are doing. I agree that a therapist should be sensitive to your pain threshold. Deeper is not always better. Take Care, Raingold
  5. Dara

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    and not from ever playing Golf either. I use ice packs on the inside of each elbow and sometimes it helps to relieve the pain. The pain doesn't just stay in the elbow area either, travels up and down each arm.
  6. granmama

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    Hello Nitalynn,

    My husband is 47 and has been having lots of pain in his left elbow. X-ray showed degenerative arthritis. He went to a Orthopedic doc and I figured he would suggest surgery or at the least a cortizone injection. The doctor dx him with an injured ulna nerve. (think I spelled that right)
    He prescribed PT 3xweek for 4 weeks. They use electrical stimulation, then put a patch over the elbow with cortisteriod and it is electrically stimulated into the skin. This procedure takes less than an hour.

    It does seem to be helping. He still gets pain between the sessions. He is a paramedic and lifts many heavy people each day. Don't know if his elbow will ever recover?

    When we got the dx, I looked it up on the web and the words "tennis elbow" kept popping up. But, the doc never referred to that term.

    good luck and hope you find relief soon,