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    Hi Everyone,

    Haven't sent a message for quite a while now but I have been reading alot of them. Its great!
    My question today is about my elbow and arm - I have been in pain almost daily now for about 9 months or more. I was told by my rheumy that it was tennis elbow but with a fibromyalgia component. I've been given 2 cortisone shots which did absolutely nothing and have had osteopath treatment but to no avail.
    I went to an orthopaedic surgeon last week and he told me that I can have the pain reduced by 70% if I have an operation which would involve taking out scar tissue and reattaching the muscle to the bone.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has had this operation and if it was successful?
    It means I would have to take 2 weeks off work and be in an arm sling for at least a week and then have physiotherapy.

    Any remarks would be appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    I have had a few joints worked on. The last one almost two years ago (rotator cuff)has worked very well. The key is relentless post operative PT exercising. The people I've talked to that said ortho surg didn't for them will tell you for one reason or another they didn't keep up with the exercising.

    Good luck

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    just lm for the doctor. they haven't told me that it would be that percentage. they told me 50-60% chance it would help it. something about not using my arm or hand for about 6 weeks.

    he is a young good looking man. so i figure he is fresh out of med school.

    i have been dealing w/this for almost three years now. 3 cortisone shots anti-inflamtories, p.t.

    well i need my darn arm and hands so i figure it is worth a chance to me.

    good luck.
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    i had my dr. appt , i am scheduled for 12/27 for surgery on the tennis elbow. the odds aren't that great for full recovery, but i am willing to take those odds it can't be any worse than they are now.

    he told me soft cast to a hard cast. for about 2-3 weeks. and then i should be able to write in 3 weeks w/my right hand.

    then no lifting of strenous stuff for 12 weeks.

    so i must quit smoking asap!