TENS Unit - Cost? Is it Worth It?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puppyfreak, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. puppyfreak

    puppyfreak New Member

    Hi all,

    I've read some posts about good results from using a TENS unit. My Doc wrote a referral to Physical Therapy for me to be evaluated for one but the PT I talked with on the phone said they cost around $600!
    And now that I'm on SSDI, I have Medicare. He said that Medicare pays for the cost to rent the unit which is about $30-$40/month [and Medicare pays 80% after your deductible].
    This seems really dumb to me - in less then 2 years it would be paid for and I'm guessing that if it worked, I'd be using it indefinitely.
    So...my question is - can I purchase one myself any cheaper? If so, where?
    And is it worth the price - does it really provide some relief?
    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

  2. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    My insurance paid for mine. It does help the fibro pain.

    Try going on line and seeing what you can find there. Even try eBAy. I know mine didn't cost anywhere near $600.00, and I've had it for several years.
  3. rhonda357

    rhonda357 New Member

    hi Char,
    Do a google search for tens unit and it will show where you can get then from $69.00 and up. Thats how I got mine and I love it.
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    sold those machines. I was thinking about buying one from him. They ran around $250 but after a few bad experiences with his unit at the office when the stickies were put in the wrong place, I decided against it.

    If you are interested in contacting him about them, his name is Dr. Gary Woodward in LaVerne, Ca.
  5. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I use my tens. It helps as long as I have it on but when I turn it off the pain is back. But thats just me some folks can wear the tens for 30 min. or so and get relief from pain for a day or two. You do have to play around with them and it takes time to get the right setting for you. See if you can use one free for a week or so from somewhere first.

    I will buy a rebuilt ten for a medical supply company. My first tens is a Medtronic Eclipse Model 7723 Dual-channel TENS system it is at least 14 years old I bought it used for $350 and it still works great. Sorry no address for this unit but Norco Medical carries it I've got a Boise Idaho # 208-336-1643

    My second tens unit is a EPIX XL Tens Certitied ANSI/AAMI Complaince Tens it is brand new and cost $600 brought by insurance. Its a good unit it comes in a small carry case and works the same as my old one.
    599 Cardigan Road
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55126-4099 USA
    1-651-415-9000 or 1-800-328-2536

    Both are very good units hope some of this helps you.
  6. ourplanet

    ourplanet New Member

    I have tried repeatedly to use a TENS unit and have always been too sensitive to continue. Even at the lowest settings between Drs and PTs just found that some people with FMS cannot tolerate them at all! So before you incur any costs see if you get any relief and if you can tolerate one. Hope you are able. Good luck and gentle hugs!
  7. Roseecoop

    Roseecoop New Member

    I have one and love it. I put the thing on usually everyday and turn it on throughout the day as I need to. I have a lot of pain in my lower neck and shoulder area and that is where I put the sticky patches.

    They unfortunately don't last a real long time. Mine last about a month and I have to go to the rehab center to purchase more. I got one called an EMPI. Which was completely covered by my insurance as long as I got the brand they told me to. I think they are well worth looking into. Like someone else mentioned though. Before you spend a lot of money on one. Do a google search on TENS Units and you can find some on line that sell in the $50-$60 range.

    For the price you would pay to rent one monthly, you can own one. It is well worth the money especially when you have a lot of flare ups in one certain part of your body which I often do. That's why my doctor suggested one. My flare ups are most often in my neck and shoulder so I just turn my unit on and get that great tingly pulsating going. Feels real good!
  8. dbhughes

    dbhughes New Member

    I am lucky, I have a TENS, It was given to me after my operation to help control nerve end pain as I am in UK on NHS it was given to me for nothing, We are really lucky here, The NHS has it faults, but it usually comes good.
  9. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    at all. It made the pain worse. I would say try it while you're in therapy and they buy one after you know it works.
  10. puppyfreak

    puppyfreak New Member

    I really appreciate all the good advice and suggestions! I just saw my Rheumy but he said he didn't know enough about whether it would help with FM pain.
    But I see my PCP on the 9th and he wrote the original order for a PT referral. I have to get a new one since it's only good for 30 days here but that wo't be a problem.
    Anyway, a PT evaluation sounds like a good first step. And I can try the TENS there to see what kind of response I get.
    And I did go online - I found one unit for $32 at Triad Healthcare. So I KNOW I can afford it if it seems like something that will help [along with the pain pills and heating pad like some of the rest of you!]

  11. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    got mine through my Chiropractor, sent away cost about $80.00 (2004) named "Intelect TENS", a professional unit
    with the four square patches you put onto your skin, and the wires connect to the transmitter and hooks on your pocket or belt. the size of transister radio, old days. :)

    1. worth purchase, if you will use it. Personally, I think TENS helps. Helps you to learn how to relax muscles too. very important.
    I used mine more the first year then now. got lazy.
    doesn't sound like you have been able to try one.
    see if you can before you purchase. And someone is not telling you the correct price. $600. would be for the Doctor's office machine. lol. anyways, don't you even pay more than $125.00 or your getting ripped off. Mine is top of line, and I paid what the doctor pays. Don't get scammed. Best to ya, and feel good.
    2. a nice, handy carry case, with TENS unit and wires
    inside. from:
    USA- 1-800-592-7329
    4717 Adams Road
    Hixson, TN 37343 USA
    I hope you get the help you need.
  12. Fibromite_Linz

    Fibromite_Linz New Member

    I agree, don't spend more than $125! I got mine half price (yay! :)) and then it was 30 pounds ($60?)...but the shop (boots.com UKers) had one that was 30 pounds not in the sale. And you WANT a small portable one, not a big office based one!

    I really like mine...just wish my pain wouldn't move around so fast!

    But yeah, our oversimulation issues could cause problems...but you do get used to it. When I first used it I couldn't go above the first level. Now I've gone up to the third level on a burst (instead of constant) program, but that's it. So see if you can try one before buying just in case you can't even get it on!

    And when you do get one, look for one that you can buy replacement electrode pads for as they go first. And maybe try and get one that has lots of different programs and/or manual controls - I've found I need different programs for different pains/sensations.
  13. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I have a tens unit and love it. For more info just type in TENS UNIT in the search box at the top of the page and you will see quite a few entries about it. Hope this helps you decide on purchasing one. I love mine.

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