Tens Unit-- Do they work or not

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    Two ladies in my support group say that tens units do not help them. A lady in my water aerobics class says it works wonders for her. I knew a lady who had a tens unit implanted inside of her and she loved it. What's the concensus here? Pro? Con? I'd like to hear both. Also, what does a tens unit cost (ballpark is fine)?

    (Nancy S.)

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    Hi Nancy,

    She had a tens unit implanted inside of her?? Wo! That's incredible.

    I've used tens units a lot back when I had sprained my low back and my upper back kept going out. Tens units can cost anywhere from $20.00 to $100.00. You can buy them off the web too.

    I don't know if they helped me or not. Sometimes they seemed to. We have one and I also used them at the chiropractors office. They didn't seem to help much, but a little. Like when my back was in complete spasm and I was suffering even while lying down then they seemed to calm my back down a lot but someone else had to set them up for me and put the pads where they belong.

    Ever since we bought a Back Buddy I haven't used our tens unit at all and I no longer need to go to the chiro. I still have tons of back pain but it's mostly Fibro so I'll probably always have to contend with that. The Back Buddy is a large S-shaped plastic cane with knobs sticking off it. It's designed so that you hold it in front of yourself while it reaches around to your back. You choose which knobs work best and place them wherever you need to and you apply the pressure. This keeps my upper back from going out most of the time and allows me to treat it easily. Back Buddies costs about $30.00 and you can buy them online too. Just put "back buddy" or "tens unit" into the search engine's text box.

    I've also found it helpful to push my back against a corner in our house or a door jam. I see they also sell small "corners" with the Back Buddy on Amazon.com. "DaVinci Tool: The DaVinci Tool is a versatile self massage tool that will help you remove headache pain and soothe tired sore muscles. Simple and easy to use and the perfect travel companion. Take it with you anywhere, to work, on vacation or you can even use it in your car. It will relieve stress, muscle spasms, trigger points and improve posture." It's a triangular shaped wedge that you can lay on.

    Pain Sprays help my back and body a great deal. I use Cryogenic and Stop Pain and I find it helpful to spray my back before I try to stand and do something and then again after. I also like to use the roll-on Biofreeze on my neck and upper back.
    If all else fails, I use medical tape to tape a Lidocaine Patch to my back.

    These are the things that have helped me the most.
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    I have FMS and Myofascia Pain Syndrome

    Sometimes I think it helps to try to unknot the painful lumps in my upper back

    other times I think it aggravates nerves in my necks, because lately I noticed I will wake up with a headache after using tens

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