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    hey yall-----------i need some info----------dr rx tens unit-----had it for 2 weeks----------trying to get a nurses appt. to be "trained" how to use-------none available yet--------maybe friday---------------doc has offered to give me an epidural on the 29th-----------my monthly appt.-----------guess ill have to be in pain till then as my pain meds are not working right now--------i do not want to switch b/c they worked sooo well for about yaer and half-------sooo-----any info on tens unit/epidurals will be appreciated----------im very nervous about the epidural---i hate needles and the thought of it going in my spime--------help!!!!!!------------TAKE CARE-------LOVE TO ALL--------LAURA
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    thanks once again to peacebaby and prickles------------hopefully i will get some pain relief soon----------------im soooo tired of hurting-------dont remember the last time i felt well------thanks again------------take care and LOVE TO ALL-------LAURA
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    You put the electrodes on opposite of each other - ie if you have 2 leads with 2 electrodes each, one set will go north, south, the other east west.

    I make a square or triangle over the area - but you can play with it - for me it works to do a wide area.

    Start on low speed and rhytm and find what works for you.

    My back takes a high volt, but they said I could use it on my lower legs and feet where the neuropathy is, but the lowest volt HURT LIKE HADES and I just can't use the tens there at all. No where near my damaged nerves - OH NO NO NO lol
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    I have used a tens unit and didn't get much relief. I know that it does work for some but I was using it for my back and it didn't help. Since then I have been getting spinal epidurals regularly in my back for several years now and it has brought much relief. I have had them without being put to sleep and also some under sedation. When you are awake, it is painful for just a minute or so, but not bad enough to stop me from getting them when needed for relief from this pain. The main thing is to be sure it is done by ex-ray. I have had them without when I first started getting them, but it is much more dangerous and also that is how they know exactly where to place the needle. They have helped me to be able to still walk. Without the epidurals I would be in a wheelchair because they can't operate on my lower back to correct the problem. So don't be afraid to try them if needed. Joyce