TENS unit for pain relief

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  1. sarahfemme

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    Hey, y'all, I'm a newbie here and will do a proper intro soon. I just wanted to post a quick question bfore I go off to work: Does anyone else use a TENS (trancutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit for pain relief? Has it worked for you? I use one for pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. When I get home from work (I'm a librarian), my neck hurts so much that I'm almost crying. I've found that the TENS unit combined with Ultram provides great respite. I'm considering even taking the unit to work, though I'll look odd with the electrodes and wires coming up from out of the back of my shirt. Anyone's stories of TENS use will be appreciated.
  2. Maggieann

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    I first used a tens machine 5 years ago for arthritis in my spine, it was great at first I wore it most of the time.
    But after a while i found it painful to walk even move and i couldn't get out of bed in the mornings, so i went into hospital and had an epidural in my spine of steroids and painkillers. This is just wearing off now and the back pain is coming back so i am using the tens machine again.
    I haven't tried it for the fibromyalgia,
    because as you say i would need one all over !!!
    but you never know, someone might come up with something.
    Wishing you painfree days
  3. Harmony

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    I also use a TENS Unit for my low back pain and it helps quite a bit. Relieving some of my back pain helps my overall fibro pain as well. I can't take pain medication so I am so glad to have this. Wish we could have a "whole" body one. Hope it helps you!

    Love, Harmony
  4. SrayGrrl

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    I have been using a tens units for a couple years, in particularly when I go out. I put the pads on UNDER my clothes - for neck/shoulders the bra staps actually help keep the pads positioned. I put the unit in my pocket and the wires only really show coming out of my shirt at the bottom. People tell me it looks like a walkman at a passing glance instead of a frankenstein device. Maybe they are just being nice. But it makes such a difference in being able to keep going, I forget to care about what it looks like. Fun at airports, too!
  5. Maggieann

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    I first had a tens machine on loan from the hospital to see if it worked for me, after a month i had to purchase my own, it was quite expensive, about £90 i think, but this was a good 5 years ago. I bought it from a pharmaceutical company, it has 4 leads with gel pads which have to be replaced every so often. Although it was expensive it was well worth it.
    hope this info is of some help.
    I live in th U.K so i don't know if you would purchase a tens machine at the same kind of company in other countries.
  6. MissieM

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    My pain management doctor at the Cleveland Clinic gave me an IS (Interferential Stimulator) Unit which is supposed to be a "super TENS unit". It works just like a TENS unit but is really high powered. It works great.
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  7. NancyB19

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    Yup, use mine all the time and love it!
  8. Bambi

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    My doctor sent a woman to the house with a unit for me to try, as he did with a handful of his
    worst patients. As I do with everything, I gave
    it a good long try since I know some things take
    awhile to work or work and then after awhile
    don't. I hated it from the first use. I only had to use it for a short time, and when I'd get off
    it I'd have severe muscle spasms every time. I
    finally sent it back. Everyone really IS different. Hugs, Bambi