TENS unit- picked one up yesterday --tips anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daylilyfan, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. daylilyfan

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    Went to Rhumy for yearly checkup Monday - first time she's seen me in FLARE... I should have made appt. in flare before!

    I'd been seeing family doc for fibro, with yearly visit to Rheumy. Family Doc is very conservative. I've been in the worst flare for 6 weeks. Rheumy changed a bunch of my meds, even ordered a month of physical therapy. When I go back in a month, I'm going to ask if I can see her all the time for the Fibro.

    Anywhooo.. she ordered a TENS for me at home for minimum of 3 months and told me to use it as much as I want, where ever I want. I picked it up yesterday, along with a vest to use with it so I can put it on the places on my back I can't reach. It has 4 pads. I've used it 3 times for 40 minutes on a fairly mild setting so far.

    I've had this electric stim used on me by chiropractor, and phys. therapist in the past, and it's helped, so I am optimistic!

    Any tips from long time users?
  2. mjwarchol

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    Love mine. Don't be afraid to use it. It helps me make it through with less pain meds. Hope it helps you. I've used mine for 8 years.

    M J
  3. daylilyfan

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    I forgot to say that I did look up on here to see that many people have them and it did seem that it helped more people than not.

    I just wondered if there were any specific hints to use.... how often.... when, how close to the painful area... how strong to set it?

    The lady who set me up with it said it should be "just under the point of being painful" but I was thinking it should be less than that. I had it last time I was in physical therapy and they had it so it was actually twitching the muscles and it seemed to make me worse.

  4. Dee50

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    I played with mine. Do what you are comfy with. Remember you are zapping the pain not trying to kill your muscles by sending them into orbit!! In about one month I could set it so it got the pain down. Some times I would wear my tens for days because the pain was only gone while I was wearing it. If I turned the tems off the pain was right back. Where you place the pads depends on the area you getting rid of the pain. So your shoulder hurts deep in the middle of the joint, then I would place one pad on the inside about 2 inches from the hurting point and place the other pad in the set on the back 2 inches from paid point on your upper arm. Thats only a starting point if you couldn't get rid of that pain move the pads around but the pads need to be no more than 8 inches apart, I think thats right.The pads are in two sets,use one set for one area. You can also go side- pain area- side with the pads. DON'T get wet with it on and don't change the setting while you are driving your car!
    Hope that helps-got to serve dinner.
    Happy to answer any questions you have.
    Don't be afaid to play with the setting and speed. If you don't like the feel switch it to another setting.
    Dee 50 long time tens user

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