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  1. Kim

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    I'd like to hear from those of you who suffer from tension headaches caused by muscle spasms. I've been having them since October. The pressure feels like a band is around my head, I'm off balance and dizzy. My eyes don't focus properly on things and my neck is stiff. I have CF/FM and clinical depression. Currently taking too many supplements to mention along with Valium for muscle relax. and Remeron for depression. I'v had every test in the book, read every book on the rack, including trigger point therapy (I have the cane). Gone to all kinds of medical people. I guess I'd just like to find out how many of you have experienced this symptom.


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    Hi we're new to this web site and a lot of people have the same problems that my husband and I have. I have had vertigo
    since Jan. with Dr. telling me it's hard to treat as they can't see it. Mumbo jumbo. It's hard to work with your head
    hurting and just feeling dizzy. I cry and see a psychotherapy for anger. I tried taking antidepression
    meds and they made me feel worst. My husband has the same
    symptom as you. Please let us know what works for you, try
    and stay strong, cry and let some release out of your body.
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    I have been getting those tension headaches alot lately too. My kids are on school break and I have been overloading myself with driving them places and over doing myself. I had a car accident 3 years ago and got side impacted since that i got post traumatic fibo. One of my problems is I get tension headaches around my eye area and temples it gets so tight I get vertigo and feel like i am falling forward. I had an errand to run pick up a birthday cake for my husband and when i was putting in the car I felt off balance and hit my head on my car, boy that didn't help I got double whammy on my head like that wasn't enough pain I was feeling!!! It's so frustrating dealing with this fibro and muscle tightness my jaw also started on me too!!! Mom3
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    I have FM, with pain and tension located mostly in my shoulders and neck. I too have tension headaches on a daily basis, along with dizziness and stiffness.

    My dr. has me taking the Proenergy malic acid and magnesium, which I find helps with muscle tightness and brain fog. I'm dropping Celebrex because it does absolutely nothing, and just purchased some glucosamine/chondroitin/msm on the advice of my rheumy. I'm praying this works. I use warm rice packs and gentle stretching, too. Nothing works for the long haul, for me anyway.

    I've been on Celexa for anxiety symptoms for a couple of years but decided to try going without it because of the side effects. So far I have noticed a little increase in headaches as I'm down to 10mg., but luckily it appears that my initial anxiety is gone. I have an appt. end of this month with my primary, and one with my rheumy the week after. I'm going to address the head/neck thing again as this is my absolute worst problem. Just trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep is almost impossible.
    No wonder we're depressed and anxious when we walk around with a headache all the time! :(

    Hope this helps. I will keep you posted with any helpful info my dr.'s may pass along.

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    I forgot to mention something. My rheumy has asked me to cut out as much white flour, caffeine, and refined sugar as possible. She says I will have more energy and less pain if I eliminate foods with these things in them. Of course, she told me to do it in April, and I'm a carbaholic, so I have failed to do it..........hmmmm, where are those swedish fish I just bought.........

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    I've been through so many medical tests. I had depression first in 1999, then fibro, then the car accident. Then one year free from both. Then both back along with chronic fatigue. The dizziness is the part I find so hard to deal with because it makes me feel like a zombie. I'm a college professor and need to be back in the classroom full time next month (please pray for me).

    I don't have kids and have a new husband so you wouldn't think stress is a factor but I feel stressed all the time. Another story!

    Massage seems to help. I got my wisdom teeth pulled in May and even though it was tramautic and they bled for a week after that I felt better than I had for months. Then I started getting dizzy again, tension headaches, and the constant rubber band around my head.

    Massage therapy helps and working on the computer makes it worse. I teach some online courses and computerized accounting so I can't avoid the computer at work.

    Thanks for the tip on malic acid. I have some but have never given it a long enough chance. I spend so much money on health food and supplements it's scary.

    Another thing that I noticed is that decreasing carbs makes me feel much better. I've always been a healthy eater but cutting out rice and potatos (I've been off wheat for years) seems to give me energy. I don't know if anything helps the dizziness but I have TMJ also and that feeds the dizziness.

    Well, thank you all again and I hope to hear more from all of you.

  7. Betty32578

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    I have FM/CFS & osteoarthritis and I certainly am grateful when there is a day that I wake up or go to bed that my head doesn't hurt. You explained them perfectly!
    I am on firocets for it and usually have to switch to mepergan forte after 1 day & no rest. I was told one of the side effects of FM/CFS is teeth grinding & that causes all the facial & head pains. Sure enough dentist confirmed teeth grinding & wants to make me a mouth guard.DD
    I'm not sure if that's all of the problem.

    LOL, Betty in Central Florida
  8. Betty32578

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    Stress makes them worse. I have a grown son, so no kids at home. I know my husband means well & tries to understand but I keep him awake at night tossing & hurting with all of these crazy things that are happening to my body. Just the simple things are now hard for me to cope with.
    I have lost 1 husband due to this DD. I pray this time I really have one that loves me enough to stay. Things get rough on a spouse trying to cope with all of our problems.
    In August we'll be married 1 year. Hope he can stand by me all the way. Each day seems worse.

    Betty Central Florida
  9. Kim

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    The weird thing about my "headaches" is that except for a day or two per month the pain is more like pressure, not real pain. But the worse the pressure and tightness, the worse the dizziness.

    Betty, I'm from Daytona Beach so we're neighbors.